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ilovetofu Mon 18-Nov-19 09:32:24

Going to see some 8wk old puppies at the weekend. They are ready to go & have been weaned last week.

The thing is we cant take one for another month. Breeder has said he will hold one for us if we want.

I'm just wondering if the pup is with Mum for longer how this will affect setting with us? Will it be more secure having been removed a bit later? Or will it be harder to train / settle with us?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I guess I'm just after some reassurance.

(Breeder works on hunts & has been recommended & is not a big commercial operation)

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MrsEricBana Mon 18-Nov-19 09:36:51

I am no expert but friends of mine who have had to delay picking up a pup from a responsible breeder have got pups that seem easier to deal with as by 12 weeks they'll be easier to house train, well socialised with other dogs the breeder may have etc. Our pup was just 8 weeks when we got him and seemed very vulnerable (though is the best dog ever now! Happily snoring by my side 😊)

adaline Mon 18-Nov-19 10:57:55

We got our puppy at 12 weeks and it was absolutely fine.

But our breeder worked hard on socialisation - he came to us practically toilet trained (he had a couple of accidents but that was it). He'd lived with other dogs, children and cats. He'd been out (carried) to meet new people, to see new things and to experience things like traffic, bikes, loud noises etc.

Is your puppy going to come to you fully vaccinated and chipped? What socialisation will it have had? Will it be used to sleeping in a crate? Will it be used to walking on a collar/lead? Will the breeder have taken it out and gotten it used to traffic, noises and travelling in a car?

Puppies only have a narrow socialisation window (it closes at around 16 weeks of age) so by waiting until pup is 12 weeks, you're halving the time you're going to have available.

Do you need to get this pup from this litter? It doesn't sound like you're ready to have a puppy (as you say you need to wait a month) which says to me that you should probably wait until you have everything set up, and then look into finding a breeder. What will change in four weeks time that means December is okay, but November isn't?

Do you have plans on how you're going to look after the puppy?

ilovetofu Mon 18-Nov-19 13:23:05

Thanks for the replies so far. @adaline the time delay is due to a house move.

The window for training/ socialisation is what was concerning me I suppose - will ask the breeder some more questions about that.

He's keeping one for himself apparently as a working lab, so could conceivably socialise the pup we chose alongside his own during the 3 week wait.

Of course I have considered how to look after a puppy!

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ilovetofu Mon 18-Nov-19 20:14:15

@MrsEricBana I really like this breeder. He's really experienced.
Had a chat with him tonight & feel reassured.

Thanks for the thoughts on what to check @adaline smile

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