Dog in season but going on holiday

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ladylunchalot Mon 18-Nov-19 08:00:11

We have a gorgeous lab cross girl who is almost 3. Been meaning to get her spayed this year but it's been the year from hell, it will be done next year.
We're due to go to a lodge at the Lake District on Friday for a long weekend, can't wait, it's a much needed break. It's dog friendly so taking her with us, perfect. However our dog has just gone into season!!
She generally doesn't make too much mess when in season but she's always just not her usual exuberant self. Really not sure whether to take her with us as I'm worried about taking her out and about due to other dogs. We chose the Lake District as it is so dog friendly, just didn't think ours would be in season at that time!!
Any advice on what to do? Our kennels will take her as they have a separate area for this. Many thanks.

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TeacupRex Mon 18-Nov-19 14:03:49

I don't think I'd risk it - having experienced seasons, I'd be constantly worried about other dogs picking up her scent, having to keep her on lead for the whole holiday. Also having to avoid the nice dog-friendly areas out of respect for other dog walkers - a bitch in heat really spoils the experience, as even well-trained neutered dogs can be interested in her scent and go running off!

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