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Cobblersandhogwash Sat 16-Nov-19 07:32:07

There's a big market of toys out there.

I'm looking for durable and mentally challenging indoor toys for my dogs. They're food motivated.

Lots of the stuff I'm seeing online looks flimsy and or I can't believe a dog could figure out which buttons or knobs to press.

Perhaps I'm underestimating their intelligence.

Anyway, if you could recommend any toys that engage your dogs and give them happiness inside the home, I'd be grateful.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 16-Nov-19 09:12:54

A standard Kong with some fish paste and treats inside keeps mine quiet for hours...

fishcalledbob Sat 16-Nov-19 09:22:14

A empty washing lemonade bottle filled with treats, throw in back garden , dog has fun trying to get treats out of bottle though she has figured out that if she turns it upside down and shakes it treats do come out!

shinynewapple Sat 16-Nov-19 23:46:02

@GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman do you freeze kings for your dog? I keep reading about kongs keeping their dog quiet for hours but mine gets through it 10 mins max.

I did buy a different shaped one recently (it's purple and shaped a bit like a flying saucer with rubber crisscrossed on the top). I put some fridge raiders chicken bits in and this did actually keep him occupied a bit longer - I guess because this was new to him whereas he gets normal kongs every day.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 17-Nov-19 07:45:25

@shinynewapple, big dog small Kong = two mins peace. Big dog big Kong = more peace. I think I did freeze them when the pup was younger, but something smeared deep inside a big Kong will buy you time.

frostedviolets Sun 17-Nov-19 11:33:46

I have used baby toys before.

Those wooden rings that you put over a stick, wooden shapes that you put through the matching shaped hole etc.

frostedviolets Sun 17-Nov-19 11:35:35

And I agree about the kongs.
So much talk about how they last ages but mine will have it pretty much entirely cleared out in minutes.


Cobblersandhogwash Sun 17-Nov-19 15:13:53

So have you found anything that keeps them engaged for longer?

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frostedviolets Sun 17-Nov-19 15:40:54

Mm, not really.

She tends to figure out puzzles, baby toys and the like fairly quickly and as she is so quick to frustrate, if she doesn't 'get it' relatively quickly I have to put the toy away.

She doesn't like chew toys.

Filled kongs are emptied very quickly.

I tried a kong wobbler once, that did keep her entertained for a long while but I wouldn't recommend because she actually ended up with a big bump on her muzzle from thwacking it round too enthusiastically.

adaline Sun 17-Nov-19 16:33:59

I think the expensive puzzle games are a waste of money - once mine figures it out, he gets bored and won't play with it again.

Best things for mine:

- frozen kongs
- stuffed hooves
- yakkers chews
- buffalo horns/antlers
- stuffed trachea
- pizzle sticks

I've given up with "toys" because he destroys them within seconds and I spend longer cleaning up the mess than he does playing with them. Plus I get worried that he's going to rip a chunk off and swallow it before I can stop him!

Winterdaysarehere Sun 17-Nov-19 16:38:17

Nerf ddog toys are husky proof...

shinynewapple Sun 17-Nov-19 18:10:29

What about an antler?

Eckhart Sun 17-Nov-19 18:13:46

I freeze peanut butter and kibble into a Kong substitute. She's the fastest eating terrier in the west, but it keeps her busy for half an hour.

Cobblersandhogwash Sun 17-Nov-19 18:57:44

What about those antlers? They're expensive but perhaps worth it?

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frostedviolets Sun 17-Nov-19 19:14:21

What about those antlers? They're expensive but perhaps worth it?

I used the fallow deer ones when pup was teething, they are softer then the other type.

Pretty much as soon as teething ended so her interest in chewing.

Probably a good thing as if you read up on antlers (and pretty much every other kind of chew) they sound pretty dangerous.

QueenOfOversharing Sun 17-Nov-19 20:00:54

I have 2 dogs - a staffy cross & a beagle. The things that keep mine busy are frozen kongs (I like to stuff them with roast chicken, potatoes, veg) or kings with peanut butter smeared right to the bottom (doesn't take them long). Or bull pizzles - but can't given them as one dog had bowel surgery & now I'm paranoid!

QueenOfOversharing Sun 17-Nov-19 20:01:39

Oh &
Those yakers things. But mine didn't bother much with antlers.

Span1elsRock Sun 17-Nov-19 20:05:09

Mine loves the split antlers but doesn't like whole ones. She destroys any "tough" toy within seconds and we've had too many close calls with her eating the inners..... yak milk chews give her the squits, so we stick to the antlers and stuffed kongs.

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