Dogs barking in car with baby

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2dogsand1baby Thu 14-Nov-19 18:24:33

My two dogs have started barking in the car on their way to a walk. This wouldn't be an issue, other than for the fact I have a 6 month old baby. I have read online that a large dog barks at 95 dB and anything over 80 dB within 4 ft can damage a baby’s hearing.

I don’t want DS to go deaf because of the dogs! But there’s nowhere else nearby other than the woods I drive to that has proper paths, which I need at the moment for the pram when it’s so muddy everywhere. We can’t use the dog walker because she’s too expensive. DH works so it's up to me to walk them.

I've bought ear defenders but the booklet says be careful with use as DS's skull isn't yet fused, so probably can't use them in his car seat.


Other than training, which is obviously the solution, any short term quick-fixes I can try so the dogs get walked and my DS's hearing isn't damaged?

Thank you (sorry it's so long!).

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2dogsand1baby Thu 14-Nov-19 19:33:40

Hopeful 'bump'...

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Elieza Thu 14-Nov-19 19:56:42

Dunno about how to keep them quiet in the car. Are they in crates? That may help? Could you block the view out if the window or crate so they can’t see outside if it’s passing dogs that sets them off? Practice driving but then return home so they realise sometimes we don’t actually go anywhere so no point in getting excited? If it’s a short journey muzzle them with the fabric muzzle the vet uses so they dont bite her (only in cool weather as they can’t pant in those if it’s hot)? Buy a van with a separate front seat area and back goods area! smile

2dogsand1baby Thu 14-Nov-19 20:11:01

They're in the boot with a grate thing. I can't get a cage to fit my car without paying a fortune. My mum suggested a muzzle, but I'm not sure that would muffle they noise much? No risk of biting because they can't get to DS. Blacking out the windows might work, but I think they will still be excited at the prospect of being in the car.

Will do lots of positive reinforcement and short journeys over the next few weeks and will hopefully see an improvement! Thank you for your reply smile

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carly2803 Thu 14-Nov-19 20:15:31

we builta crate for about 40 quid to house 3xdogs.

2 wooden panels on the sides and thenfront andback were about 10 quid each (just the sides)

all cause of barking dogs! i reccomend this - or those fabric muzzles

good luck!

umberellaonesie Thu 14-Nov-19 20:18:57

Do you have a sling so you can walk nearer home no need for pram

Elieza Thu 14-Nov-19 20:23:22

Id like to take credit, but it was the Dog Whisperer who came up with the blacking out of the windows and the drive round the block/various confusing blocks and straight home again so they think there is no point in getting excited we are probably just going home again sigh...


RoLaren Thu 14-Nov-19 20:24:40

Ear muffs!

spiderlight Fri 15-Nov-19 10:33:34

Would a Kong each distract them, or would they get possessive over them in a confined space?

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