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dontevenblink Thu 14-Nov-19 00:32:03

I have a 14 week old lab/border collie cross. Been going fairly well so far, he loves training and is getting on really well with our 4 year old dog (although they want to play all the time, getting bit better though!). Very hard work so far and I am exhausted, but knew it would be...

However, I am struggling with leaving him. I've taken him everywhere with me until this week. He sleeps with us and our older dog at night but I have trained him to be in the kitchen or his crate for short periods when I'm doing jobs and can't supervise, but for about 15 mins max. Yesterday I put him in the kitchen with the stair gate (which his nose just pops over when standing up on back legs). However, when I got back he was not in kitchen. Gate still locked though - no idea how he got out! On the plus side there were no accidents anywhere and nothing had been destroyed. No fights between dogs. He was exhausted though so I think he had been playing with older dog lots.

So this morning I had to go out for 1 and half hours, so I thought I wouldn't risk the kitchen, so put him in his crate. But when I got back he wasn't in it!! The door was still locked, but the whole crate had moved a couple of feet and the blanket was off the top. There are no holes etc. The only thing I can think is that he's managed to flex the top or bottom of door and got out a tiny gap? Must have been some force though to move crate. No accidents etc again, but again he is exhausted.

What do I do??? Not sure I can risk crate again in case he hurts himself. Kitchen maybe, we have a sliding door as well as gate I can shut, so I could try that, but I think he may be able to slide it. This is the dog that managed to unzip the soft crate we use in the car... Do I shut the older dog in my room as may calm younger pup down? Or will this cause more problems if he gets out? Try really short periods again and start from scratch? Help!

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LochJessMonster Thu 14-Nov-19 11:23:35

Haha I have an escape artist too!
He's either jumping or squeezing through the stair gate.
I agree the crate may be dangerous if he gets caught so would try the kitchen again and put something over the gate (ie small mesh) so he can't squeeze through.
At least you know the dogs can behave together and he isn't destructive! That suggests he isn't escaping through separation anxiety, just nosiness and cheekiness.

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Nov-19 11:26:39

You need to crate train properly. This can take weeks. Your pup clearly isn’t happy in there so it’s not a safe place to leave him for now. An hour and a half is a long time. Do you have to leave him that long?

LochJessMonster Thu 14-Nov-19 14:48:27

@Wolfiefan Doesn't sound like the puppy needs a crate really, no accidents, non destructive and fine with the other dog.

Might as well let him have more room in the kitchen.

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Nov-19 15:44:44

But he can’t be allowed to play/pester the other dog 24/7!

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