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GameofPhones Mon 11-Nov-19 11:25:16

Phew what a relief it is to come on here and be sure of getting some non-commercial advice. I have been Googling for a dog boarder, and everything that comes up is commercial - tailster, holidog, and the dreaded Barking Mad who won't allow you to meet the boarder or know where they live, just in case you later make private arrangments with them. Obviously you cannot trust what these outfits say about their own service, so, please can anyone recommend a dog boarder near Leeds?

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Hoppinggreen Mon 11-Nov-19 15:40:54

If your dog is a certain breed I fund that the breed FB groups are great places to ask.
I’m not far from Leeds and used to use a home boarder there but she doesn’t do it anymore. I found the local one I use now on a local FB page
Not much use if you aren’t on FB though, sorry

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