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Needy spaniel

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Alwaysrainsonme Wed 06-Nov-19 21:03:08

I have a one year old working Cocker. She is adorable and very loving, but whenever I sit on the sofa she hops up next to me and bashes me with her nose until I stroke her. Any cessation in striking results in determined nose prodding.

It might sound like a nice problem to have, but I can’t drink any hot drinks or use my phone or laptop because she spills/knocks them out of my hands. If I push her away or tell her off she goes to sit on another sofa and then won’t interact with me.

I just want her to sit quietly next to me with the odd stroke, rather than being quite so demanding. Any tips gratefully received!

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Alwaysrainsonme Wed 06-Nov-19 21:04:57

*stroking not striking

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Raphael34 Wed 06-Nov-19 21:07:01

Well it’s one or the other. It’s either attention time or not. You can’t really train a dog to ask for x amount of strokes x amount of times an evening. Let the dog sit next to you when you want to give it attention. Send it to the other couch if you don’t

octoberstorms Wed 06-Nov-19 21:11:43

We have a cocker too, they are quite a 'needy' breed generally though and ours does the same if we stop stroking. They just love people and being around us/part of what we're doing. I don't know if you can change that behaviour without them losing their personality.

Ours will lay next to us on the sofa though with an antler to chew whilst we watch a movie so you could try that?

octoberstorms Wed 06-Nov-19 21:12:16

Forgot to mention ours is nearly 2 so not sure if it's a behaviour they grow out of eventually!

adaline Wed 06-Nov-19 21:19:45

Cockers are pretty needy in general, I think.

But if you want her to lie next to you, is there anything you can do to encourage that? Try giving her a chew or something so she's occupied and comfortable. Mine loves a yakkers chew or a stuffed bone and will lie next to me chewing it for hours!

FuriousFlannels Wed 06-Nov-19 21:28:36

This is their breed. They are needy and will push to be doing something as much as you will let them - typically. They are also touch driven so tend to like body contact.

Like with anything else dogs only ever do what works.

Stop stroking her when she asks and make a note to stroke and fuss her a lot in the odd moments she is lying quietly.

Keep that up and she will drop asking for fuss. (She may get slightly worse before that happens but be strong).

You can then space out the fuss she gets for lying quietly so that it's a little more sporadic.

SospanFrangipan Wed 06-Nov-19 21:32:14

Our working cocker is like this too. Spaniels in general are very loving & needy, although our sprocker isn't as needy as the cocker.
He is 9, and he's only been with us since January, but he's slowly understanding when we say 'no, lie down' that now isn't time for cuddles.

raspberryk Thu 07-Nov-19 13:59:08

We are teaching lie down and quiet/settle. We only fuss when she's lying quietly and we also make a habit of fussing her when she's quiet before she asks.
Annoying habit of climbing on shoulders and sitting on your chest though thlgrin and sitting on the kids heads thlblush

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