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Babyroobs Tue 05-Nov-19 07:49:20

My dog came back from the dog sitter two weeks ago and had his monthly flea treatment when it was due a couple of days later. He was licking his paws a lot and seemed distressed. Anyway a couple of days ago I noticed insects moving on him which I presume to be fleas. My other dog now also has them We have never had a problem with fleas before. I've treated them both again with Advantage but can still see them although lots of dead ones also. I'm not sure whether I should have treated them again so soon, some research seemed to suggest it was ok. I'm just worried still that 2 days later I can still see live ones, is this normal or are they resistant ? Any help / advice appreciated.

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dementedpixie Tue 05-Nov-19 09:23:50

Treat your house with indorex too. Most fleas live in the environment not the animal but need to jump onto the dog to get killed by the treatment. If you spray the house you will kill more that are in the carpets, etc

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