Crate training re-homed pup

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Medievalist Mon 04-Nov-19 21:26:10

* I don't think there is any substitute for taking a puppy outside very regularly including overnight*

Totally agree! We took on an unwanted 10 week old pup recently. DH and I took turns to sleep downstairs with him. We kept flip flops, flashlight, poo bags and treats by the patio door. As soon as pup stirred we jumped up and took them outside. Lots of praise and a treat for doing something. Same through the day. Didn't take long at all.

adaline Mon 04-Nov-19 12:19:05

That puppy is being massively over-exercised! The recommendation is 5 minutes per month of age - so 20 minutes maximum at a time, upto twice a day. It's currently getting over double what it should be - if your parents adopt it please please cut down on the exercise until the poor thing is fully grown!

Crate training a 16 week old should be possible. I would start by getting rid of the puppy pads completely and putting the crate in the bedroom. When pup whimpers and wants to go out, take her out and re-settle her. Slow steps and be prepared for a few sleepless nights at first!

Newusernames Mon 04-Nov-19 11:54:20

Again crate training is not the only option. Is there a small room they could go in instead. I would also not use puppy pads - all they do is teach puppies to go to the toilet in the house.

Also with the walking 45 minutes twice a day is quite a lot for such a small puppy. The general rule is 5 minutes for every month of age so for 16 weeks a 20 min walk up to twice a day.

Girlintheframe Mon 04-Nov-19 07:54:17

Meant to say, if pup is giving no indication/making a noise maybe setting an alarm every couple of hours overnight and take pup outside.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Mon 04-Nov-19 07:50:18

Crate training is not the only way. I had a spaniel puppy (I still have him I just have to admit he's a big boy now!) and he won't set foot in one, but he has had maybe 5 accidents inside total. He sleeps on my bed blush

I hate puppy pads so I would ditch those personally. I don't think there is any substitute for taking a puppy outside very regularly including overnight, but this is a long running debate on MN and there isn't a "right" answer.

I hope this can be worked out as it seems like everything else is a great fit for everyone

Girlintheframe Mon 04-Nov-19 07:39:06

I'm no expert but think it should be possible. Pups are smarter than we think. Ours has learnt to know which beds he is/isint allowed up on. Behaviour that is ok that grannies that isint ok at home etc.
If the worry is pooing/weeping in the crate overnight then they maybe need to go back to basics like you would with a new pup. We had the crate next to our bed and took pup out every time he stirred. Straight out into the garden then straight back to his crate. Having the crate in the same room will give pup a lot of comfort too.

HeidiPeidi Mon 04-Nov-19 01:43:18

The pup is a spaniel btw and is currently walked for around 45 mins twice per day. My parents have land, are retired and very active, and live surrounded by great walks so exercise isn’t, and won’t be, an issue.

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HeidiPeidi Mon 04-Nov-19 01:41:36

Hi everyone,

So my parents are seriously considering re-homing a friend’s pup. They bought her after much research and she is very loved, but due to a fairly dramatic, upsetting change in circumstance they can no longer give her the time she needs.

The issue is this, pup is 16 weeks and not crate trained. She does have a crate and will go in there during the day (she’s never been left alone in it though) and for a few hours of an evening while her owners eat and watch some tv. However she sleeps on their bed (she’s never had an accident on the bed) and uses puppy pads in their room of an evening. They say they’ve tried crating her but she will happily wee and poo in her crate and lie in it/walk on it/play in it even if taken out very frequently. They’ve tried a lot to combat this, from feeding her in there to removing her bedding but to no avail. She doesn’t give any signs of needing to toilet either, she’ll just do it. The crate is also the right size for her (just enough room to turn and lay down).

My parents have had pups before but only from 8 or so weeks so crate training started early. They’re happy for the crate to be in their room but not for her to sleep on their bed or to use puppy pads, but they equally don’t want to be waking up to a shit covered pup and crate several times per night. So how do they go about this? They really want this pup, they’ve fallen in love with her and feel that after waiting 2 years since the passing of their beloved dog, the time is right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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