Does anyone have any experience of wobbly kneecap?

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NotTheMrMenAgain Sun 03-Nov-19 18:45:08

My hound has been diagnosed with a wobbly kneecap and she'll likely need surgery to correct it. Please does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? It all sounds quite scary!

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Jouska Sun 03-Nov-19 19:29:59

Luxating patella?

Some info here


MrsHappyBee Sun 03-Nov-19 19:36:57

Our SBT pup was diagnosed with luxating patella. He had an op to pin the knee into place, recovered really well and lived until he was 15 with no further problems. I gave him cod liver oil and glucosamine supplements, which may have helped his joints.

NotTheMrMenAgain Mon 04-Nov-19 11:18:59

Thanks for the link for the link Jouska it's more helpful than a lot of stuff I've ploughed through on line!

MrsHappyBee so good to hear that your dog recovered well and didn't have further problems - the vet we saw made it sound very gloomy with early arthritis. I've been looking at supplements to support her joints - green lipped mussel extract seems to be in vogue lately.

Thanks both smile

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adaline Mon 04-Nov-19 12:20:03

We use yumove to support the joints and it's worked wonders for us!

You can get six weeks' supply online for just £18.

NotTheMrMenAgain Mon 04-Nov-19 14:39:04

Thank you for the tip adaline I'm going to Google it.......

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