Dog poo in the garden

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BB8sm8 Sun 03-Nov-19 16:43:10

I’ve never had a dog before so this may be a bit weird but...our 9 month old pup tends to poo (like 90% of the time) in our garden rather than on walks. We have a big garden & our kids love playing in it but I don’t like the poo situation. I always clear up immediately but inevitably some poos can be difficult to completely lift (sorry tmi!) & I worry about my kids playing on the grass. What does everyone else do? Do you have like a shut off bit for the dog to poo in? She loves running round the big grassed area & inevitably ends up pooing & weeing there too.

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heatseeker14 Sun 03-Nov-19 17:50:06

I keep kitchen towel in our plastic garden box for wiping up after squishy poo and leave a full watering can out to swill the lawn. Probably a bit excessive, but I don’t like the thought of anyone stepping in skid marks grin.

Kaddm Sun 03-Nov-19 17:53:05

Just pick the grass where the poo is, even if you have to literally rip out a bit of grass from the roots. It soon comes back. I always clean up 100% of dog poo from my garden.

You can train them to go in a particular place, do it by leading them there on a lead after eating or when waking up. I did this and whilst a relative looked after my dog when I went away, the silly dog forgot about the special toileting place!!

TheSandgroper Mon 04-Nov-19 02:11:14

I second spending the time to teach doggie where you want him to go. I did and it’s useful. Ddog will now wee anywhere off the paving but remains quite good at poos in her area. I still need to pop pick, though.

LimeJellyHead Wed 20-Nov-19 11:01:25

We have a hose pipe always attached to the garden tap and ready to use. Poops are picked up and then sprayed with the hose if a skid mark was left there.

Pinkblueberry Wed 20-Nov-19 11:06:22

Hopefully he’ll grow out of that. My dog never does this unless he has a bad stomach and then he’ll still avoid that area for a while after I cleaned up. I don’t think dogs usually like the smell in their own space that’s why most poo on walks.

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