My poor Greyhound upset tummy

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OliveToboogie Sun 03-Nov-19 13:12:42

My poor boy is off his food and has terrible diarrhoea. Been 2 days now. Tried chicken and rice. Anything else I can do?. He is drinking water.

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BiteyShark Sun 03-Nov-19 13:16:08

Honestly if he isn't eating and it isn't getting better I would be looking at taking him to the vets to check that it isn't anything more than an 'off stomach'. They can also give you a drink that contains lots of vitamins/minerals that he will be losing with all the diarrhoea.

OliveToboogie Sun 03-Nov-19 13:43:38

Will definitely take him if he is not better tomorrow.

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OliveToboogie Sun 03-Nov-19 13:45:01

Hate seeing him so lethargic. Not my boy at all.

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BiteyShark Sun 03-Nov-19 13:56:15

If he really is very lethargic I would give your out of hours vets a call for advice.

WomensRightsAreContraversial Sun 03-Nov-19 14:58:33

We normally go with: starve 24 hours (with free access to water) then chicken and rice or as my last girl wouldn't eat that, mash. During a particularly horrible episode she saw a vet 3 times in a week and got electrolyte-and-bung-you-up paste (technical term) and anti nausea medicine.

Have you done the pinch test for hydration?

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sun 03-Nov-19 15:02:00

I’d be inclined to call the ooh vet for advice tbh, they may say just watch & wait until the morning rather than calling you in but hopefully they can reassure you either way.

My Bernard never liked chicken & rice. She used to get scrambled eggs after a 24 hour fast. With a spoon full of a natural yoghurt mixed in.


OliveToboogie Sun 03-Nov-19 18:12:45

Thanks for all the advice. Seems better now took some rice and chicken

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Babbabump Sun 03-Nov-19 18:15:02

No advice but hes beautiful smile hope he feels better soon

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sun 03-Nov-19 18:16:23

For future use, you might buy a few boxes of probiotic paste (comes in tubes and you give it in one dose a day for 3 days - one tube for one load of treatment). You can buy it online (I think I buy mine from Viovet) and is useful to try to sort things out - you might not need the vet in many cases. It is called Promax and the tube includes a sort of injector so you just whack it into the back of their mouth and they usually swallow it with a surprised expression on their faces. Doesn't seem to be unpleasant to taste.

Actionhasmagic Sun 03-Nov-19 18:19:13

Prokolin works wonders for our dog

It’s a paste you put in their mouth twice a day

Order it on fetch

It works within hours for us an sorta tummy troubles

Wolfiefan Sun 03-Nov-19 18:24:53

I use slippery elm. Bought some prokolin to keep in the cupboard too.

OliveToboogie Mon 04-Nov-19 05:50:10

Thanks for all the advice joey is much better

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Steamfan Mon 04-Nov-19 05:53:24

Poor houndie, greys do seem prone to gippy tum. Hope he's OK today

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