Transition from crate to big bed ?!?

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Girlintheframe Sun 03-Nov-19 10:09:10

Our pup is now 16 months. He has always been in a crate. This last week though we have been on holiday and it really wasn't practical to bring the crate. He has been staying in some 'strange' places, hotel, friends house and now a holiday cottage. He has had no problem at all using just his bed. He has stayed in his bed/floor all night so we are going to remove the crate when we get home.

BiteyShark Sun 03-Nov-19 04:32:21

We removed the crate when BiteyDog was one year old.

We always had dog beds both in and out of the crate which he used and he simply used the sofa ones outside instead.

Curlysurprise Sat 02-Nov-19 20:35:24

My DDog couldn’t wait to get free of his cage. We bought a dog bed and put it where we wanted it ( utility room ) and left the doors open during the day.
He found the bed pretty much instantly and then went there whenever we said ‘bed’ . Got rid of crate , took about 3 days for us to realise he was never getting back into it. 2nd dog was even faster when she realised her big brother didn’t sleep behind bars. 😆

MiniCooperLover Sat 02-Nov-19 18:40:29

Hi there, we have a 10 month old GBGV who is very long and sleeps brilliantly in a big sized crate but we've just had a massive renovation done downstairs and the space for her crate is no longer there. The space I initially thought of isn't big enough if we want a dining table and chairs. I'd like to transition her to a very comfy dog bed in our sitting room by the radiator but I don't want to distress her. We are allowing her to walk up stairs and on the landings (room doors are closed) and I'm hoping she might 'find' her spot? Any suggestions please?

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