Any one have dog with hip dysplasia

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adaline Sat 02-Nov-19 15:45:46

No direct experience here but hip dysplasia is really manageable so please don't fret smile

Maneandfeathers Sat 02-Nov-19 15:15:16

Mine didn’t have surgery however has lived with severe hip dysplasia for most of his life.

Physio and hydro has kept him fit and it’s only now aged 10 he has needed to be started on long term NSAIDS.

Ive also seen two dogs that have had hip replacements, both have done exceptionally well if is an option for you.

CornishCreation Sat 02-Nov-19 14:39:39

We have had discovered our 6 month English springer spaniel pup has hip dysplasia, I was suspicious as he was displaying signs so I took him to the vet and an X-ray confirmed he had no hip socket just the hip grinding on a flat surface.

He had been checked by the vet when we got him and hips seemed fine then.

We have an appointment on Wednesday with the vet to discuss his options but I can't sleep worrying and googling.

Does anyone have any experience with this and what is life like for them after an op?

She mentioned 2 different operations one a hip replacement or one would be removing part of the bone to make him more comfortable.

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