Help with puppy barking at visitors

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StillMedusa Fri 01-Nov-19 12:18:03

Puppy is nearly 6 months old and in most ways has been a dream pup... toilet trained without a hitch, lovely recall bla bla. She is timid around strangers but friendly to dogs and a joy to have around.

But this week she has suddenly become much more nervous of strangers, especially anyone coming into the house...she has started barking furiously .

And on Monday we have two guests arriving to stay for a month!! Obviously it's something we will have to work on, and I'm sure she will adjust but any tips for the initial 'when they come in' moment? My downstairs is basically a large living room, a hall and a kitchen and I thought maybe put her behind the baby gate and scatter a shed load of treats where she can see us but not have to be near, and hope she relaxes quickly. I've told my guests to ignore her completely til she settles.
Does that sound a plan..or any other ideas? She's not remotely aggressive but she is scared.

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Jouska Fri 01-Nov-19 12:25:58

Brilliant plan

Girlintheframe Fri 01-Nov-19 13:30:15

Our pup did this too. I used to make him sit either beside the door or on a chair close by. I used to say 'shh' and the minute he was quiet, even for a second I gave him a treat. He is now 16 months and more often than not he doesn't bark any more though it's still a work in progress. He is definitely less barky if the door bell rings but still gets worked up if people just appear in the house.

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