A frenchie x pug

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imclaustrophobicdarren Thu 31-Oct-19 22:11:17

I need to share this with someone who understands. It's my birthday soon and the plan was to have a puppy for my birthday. BUT. The current situ means we're not prepared for one and it wouldn't be fair just now. I've been for lunch with my mum who told me she'd put a deposit down for a "frug" who after speaking with me a couple of weeks ago, realised I don't agree with cross breeding etc etc she's lost her deposit and said she won't be taking a puppy. I'm so grateful she tried to get me a pup but so relived also because I don't agree with these cross breeds but also feel so bad I'm probably coming across ungrateful!!!! Not sure why I'm posting but I don't have any true doggy friends.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 31-Oct-19 23:48:18

In my view, breeding dogs that struggle to breathe due to being flat-faced is much worse than cross-breeding. Though breeding two flat-faced breeds together is not great either.

OP, before you get a dog, it would be sensible to look into the health issues the breed you like is prone to. Brachycephalic dogs - those with short noses - are prone not just to breathing problems but to dental and eye issues as well.

Scattyhattie Fri 01-Nov-19 04:15:29

The loss of the deposit will be a saving on heartache & vet bills (or high insurance premiums) given both Frenchies & Pugs have similar severe health problems, along with those mentioned by pp are also prone to spinal issues. I think that would be more upsetting if her gift became sick or wasn't able to do normal dog things & the breathing is usually noticeably noisy (owners tend to normalise it).

Main problem with crossbreeds is its harder to find good breeder doing all health/genetic tests with careful critique of conformation & temperament pre-mating. Although can be purposely bred for sports are often more aimed at pet buyers who expect same predicted qualities of a pedigree (like coat type) & all the best bits of mix.

I really can't understand why people still choose to buy intentionally deformed pups reducing their quality of life. Breeders will continue churning them out while there's still a demand for £££ often in non standard 'rare' colours that can add in extra health problems.

CodenameVillanelle Fri 01-Nov-19 04:42:29

It's really stupid to buy a puppy for someone else as a surprise so the loss of the deposit was a fitting consequence for her and she'll not do that again.
Don't feel bad for a lesson learnt.

spot102 Fri 01-Nov-19 08:06:00

Not really the point here but I'm wondering why you'd cross these two breeds, would have thought you'd be better off crossing with a dog with a proper face, to improve their breathing issues.

Branleuse Fri 01-Nov-19 08:08:04

You did the right thing. Noone should support the breeding of either of these breeds tbh, let alone crossing them

imclaustrophobicdarren Fri 01-Nov-19 09:24:10

@spot102 I don't get it either, must be their means to a fast buck! Completely irresponsible sad

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imclaustrophobicdarren Fri 01-Nov-19 09:28:28

@GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman completely agree. We currently have a chihuahua and are waiting until we've moved but I've been in touch with breeders and know that I'll be getting a Japanese spitz. I would never want to own a flat faced breed.

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Ineedtochillthehellout Fri 01-Nov-19 10:07:29

You’ve done the right thing. 100% !!! I’ve got a rescued flat faced breed and as wonderful as he is he’s had a lot of expensive health problems. He’s had to have 30 cysts removed that kept coming back, he’s lost a eye & gone blind in the remaining eye. I’m scared daily that the remaining blind eye is going to “pop” out like his last one but my vet doesn’t want to do surgery to remove it unless it’s a emergency because he’s not sure he will survive another op. He’s had 90% of his teeth removed. His heart isn’t right. He was two ish when we got him and he’s had the problems all his life he’s about 11 now I can’t get insurance for him. The money I’ve spent to keep him out of pain is eye watering. All these issues are down to very bad breeding. Thankfully he’s ok atm ((touch wood))

He’s a amazing dog ,I adore him and he’s repaid me in utter devotion. I’ve made a promise to him that when he’s no longer with us and doesn’t need his bed anymore I’ll rescue another broken soul. Probably a dog like the one your mum put a deposit on because in a few years when they aren’t cute and vet bills are getting high and nobody wants them they will be sat in rescue centres.
I hate these breeders and I’m really glad your not going to have this pup.

imclaustrophobicdarren Fri 01-Nov-19 12:08:04

@Ineedtochillthehellout that's heart breaking! The poor little things don't deserve it. These so called breeders are only seeing dollar signs! And you're right, they will all end up in rescue centres sad thank the lord there are people like you! I can't wait to rescue once my children are old enough. My friend has just rescued a saluki x and she's the most gentle broken soul. Scared of everything sad but I'm sure she'll get there eventually.

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krustykittens Fri 01-Nov-19 12:43:40

My daughter is training to be a veterinary nurse and the amount of Frenchies she has seen coming into the surgery that can't even breathe when resting, is appalling. All of them bred by backyard breeders with no health checks done on parents. We recently rescued a Frenchie (friend of a friend recommended us as a home) and luckily she was well-bred and came with more paperwork than I have! Lots of health checks on her and her parents! Shame the breeder didn't check out the home she was going to, though. Recently, someone had an advert up in our local Tesco advertising pug puppies at £1200 each, ready to go now at FIVE WEEKS OLD! These puppies are being churned out for a quick buck, poor loves.

pigsDOfly Fri 01-Nov-19 12:55:01

Once heard a description by a vet of what breathing is like for Brachycephalic dogs: 'like trying to breath through a straw with one nostril blocked'.

Imagine trying to live like that day in, day out.

If you do decide to get a dog please get one with a proper muzzle.

Mumof2girlie Fri 01-Nov-19 14:26:09

I have a Frenchie and after extensive research for over 4 years looking at hundreds of pups and almost just as many different breeders I was lucky to find a responsible breeder who breeds responsibly, not for looks colours or fashion but for maintaining the CORRECT breed standard, although as a responsible breeder they only have a litter once every 2-3 years so I waited for the right puppy paid the money that a dog like this is worth (alot) and now have the most wonderful family pet that my vet cant praise her formation enough, just want to put it out there that these breeds don't always have problems only if you buy a cheap pup from an irresponsible breeder who doesn't know what they are doing and wants to make money quickly, but I think that can be said for most breeds anyway

Gottobefree Fri 01-Nov-19 14:31:47

Cross breeding isn't bad if it's for the right reasons. For instance I don't agree with the breeding of pugs and other short nose dogs if they're bred for looks or the snort nose. They can't breathe and it's just cruel.

If that snort nose breed is then cross bred with a different dog (not another snort nose) than really it might have better health. Please have a look into other breeds that are bred responsibly !

DontCallMeShitley Fri 01-Nov-19 15:12:47

I find it sad that people are still breeding so many dogs when there are endless numbers being PTS every day because of lack of homes. I wish something could be done about breeding these poor creatures with defects and selling them to unsuspecting people, causing heartache and agony to owners and dogs.

I see beautiful dogs in the rescue and some of them are there for ages, they are the lucky ones, they are cared for and still alive, waiting for homes. A no-kill rescue. Many are not.

Lealea2019 Fri 01-Nov-19 17:37:16

I've had pugs for the past 9 years (not 100% pure breeds)
I currently have three!!

Of all of the wonderful pugs I have loved over the years none of them have breathing problems other than they do get over hot when the weather is scorching but I think most dogs do!

Two of my current pugs are crosses (not sure what with) I have had them since they were 8 weeks old and they are now 6 - I also have a rescue who is approx 5 years old (ex breeder)

They are truly wonderful amazing loving dogs and I personally wouldn't have any other breed - I think it's a shame people breed bash certain breeds which is totally unfair! - it's all about sourcing a reputable responsible breeder and not about sweeping generalisation of particular breeds!!

Are all staffys aggressive? Definitely not! Are all pugs bad breathers? Definitely not!

Hovverry Fri 01-Nov-19 19:23:07

I love pugs but didn’t want to support the breeders who have ruined these dogs with more and more extreme features. Bred entirely for fashion and guaranteed bad health.
By choosing a pug cross I got a dog like pugs were 100 years ago, with no breathing or eye problems.

tabulahrasa Fri 01-Nov-19 19:52:45

“Are all pugs bad breathers? Definitely not!”

Well no, but kennel club research says between 7 and 15% can breathe normally... so it’s a lot of them.

“By choosing a pug cross I got a dog like pugs were 100 years ago, with no breathing or eye problems.”

The problem is, crossing doesn’t always work like that, you can end up with pug crosses with eye and breathing problems and the higher energy levels of what they’re crossed with...

Lealea2019 Fri 01-Nov-19 20:08:50

Kennel Club research is only on KC registered dogs though..... I. E vast majority are not KC registered..... The research is limited to the small pool of dogs that KC actively promotes and supports as a breed standard - fine ones to talk if you ask me!

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