Allergic to new puppy!!

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CarolJones342 Mon 28-Oct-19 15:39:07

Hiya everyone. As the title says, I appear to be allergic to our new pupper! I honestly can’t believe it! 😢 From birth I’ve never not lived with a dog, in fact as the daughter of a game keeper we always had several dogs at any one time (mostly springers but the odd cocker or lab in there too), and I’ve never had so much as a sniffle from them.

We lost our hovawart in January and recently decided we were ready for another, however since collecting her 2 weeks ago, I’ve been a scratchy-throated, red eyed, sneezing, itchy mess!

Any tips? Is it just a case of antihistamines forever or will I eventually acclimatise to her fur/dander?

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Winterdaysarehere Mon 28-Oct-19 15:45:26

For me antihistamines and lots of handwashing works! We went from 3-4 ddogs 2 years ago and had to start over with new fur reactions!!
Still get a rash sometimes off ddog 1 and she is 10!
I know a man who got 3 month course from Dr for dcat allergy.
Anti - allergy dcats supposedly too - cost stupid money!
The dw mentioned garage living and she didn't mean the dcats!!

missbattenburg Mon 28-Oct-19 16:30:27

Other things that I know have helped people with pet allergies:

1. Making the bedroom a total no go zone for the pet and using a air purifier overnight (something like this]].

2. Hoovering regularly with a vaccum that uses a HEPA filter

3. Getting someone in the house (or a groomer) to regularly brush the dog to remove loose fur and dander

missbattenburg Mon 28-Oct-19 16:30:56

Link =]]

missbattenburg Mon 28-Oct-19 16:31:34

Bugger, don't think those links have worked: Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

BiteyShark Mon 28-Oct-19 16:44:37

I was allergic to my puppies saliva for many weeks (red raw where he licked me). Fortunately it stopped but I just used anti histamines for a while.

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