Miss my dog

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purpleme12 Sat 26-Oct-19 00:56:29

My dog died in April/may
I still miss her so much
I feel like there's so much love gone in the house
There's no one to snuggle anymore
I'm crying so much thinking about her
It was like having another person

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Dancinghorses36 Sat 26-Oct-19 01:04:17

Aww love, my dog had to get put down after a seizure and she was only two, that was 6 years ago and I still think about her, it does get better with time tho but I know you won't be thinking that right now but didn't want to read and not reply, I still have my moments but what I will say is look at the pictures you have and remember the happy times, really feel for you tho it's a horrible thing but it will get a wee bit better as time goes on, feel free to pm me if you want x

morporkia Sat 26-Oct-19 01:35:43

i totally understand how you feel purpleme12 . i lost my boy just under a month ago and i'm struggling to forget his last moments, they were traumatic and he was in so much pain. i stayed with him right to the end and while i'm glad i didn't leave him to die with strangers, that final picture in my head isn't his usual, loppy, happy face. i have cried every. single.day. i feel like i need to stop this pity party and try to remember him as he was. a beautiful, loyal, cuddly and clever four legged furry person. but i spent pretty much every day for 10 years with him and i miss him so very much.

caringcarer Sat 26-Oct-19 01:43:46

I know you must miss you dog very much and feel sad without her. I don't want to be insensitive, but do you think it is time to introduce a new dog into your lives? My son had a cat for 17 years he loved to bits and when he died mu son said he could not get another one as his cat could not be replaced. After about five months he said he felt depressed without him and got then another one. This cat is completely different to his first one but none the less she has won our hearts and my son is much happier now. He said he hated getting up in the mornings or coming home form work and no one greet him. Each pet brings its own love with it.

purpleme12 Sat 26-Oct-19 16:19:56

No you're not being insensitive.
I have thought about it
And I still think about it
I just am not sure if I can. For money, b the cats.... But I still think about it and I still think I might do it....

Thank you so much for your lovely words

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talia66 Sat 26-Oct-19 18:46:36

Ahhh, really feel for you x You sound like me. I had my dog put to sleep a couple of months ago and I was devastated (still am). Although he had been ill it was still a shock. It's so difficult because they are with us so much that adjusting to them not following us around is so hard! I swore I would never get another dog, but I just felt so sad and for support went onto a dog forum on Facebook. So many people suggested I get another pet. So, a couple of weeks ago I got my new puppy Max. He has helped fill the void, he has such a different personality. He doesn't replace my previous dog but has helped to replace the joy. X so if you ever feel like you could, and it is practical, I think it does help x sending you so much love and a big hug x

Poutintrout Sun 27-Oct-19 16:55:30

I really feel for you and am so sorry that you are so sad. What you said really resonates especially the part about feeling like a person is missing. Mine was a Border Collie and so intelligent and I swear he was the only one who truly tried to listen to me in this house grin

It's been two months since he went. He was 13 and I'm still in bits. Nothing feels very normal. I'm finding it hard to accept that he is really gone and won't be coming back and cry everyday for him. I still have another dog which has been a huge comfort and a reason to keep hold of normality and routine for his sake. I'm hoping that in time I will be able to think of only the love and happiness he bought into our lives and not feel the sadness & loss so acutely.

I've found that it helps to talk to his ashes before bed every night. I also constantly have a vase of flowers by his casket and I get comfort from choosing new flowers each week and changing the water etc..

I hope you feel better in time. Take comfort that your dog was obviously so loved by you.


MollyMorals Sun 27-Oct-19 17:03:51

It’s awful OP. I lost my beloved lab 2 years ago very suddenly and I still cry some days. My DH persuaded me to go and have a look at puppies 5 months after I lost my darling boy and one chose me 😍. He’ll never replace Jack but he’s brought so much happiness back into my life.

Here’s some flowers for you.

MaisyMary77 Sun 27-Oct-19 17:11:36

I so sorry for your loss, it’s just so difficult to be without them.

I’ve lost two in the last year, one was only five-he fought cancer for almost two years before it got too much and we had to let him go. I still can’t even think about him without crying. My other was almost 15-he was my rock. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to him not being around.

I had two beautiful, personalised picture frames made for them. They’re next to their ashes boxes. I’m not ready to scatter them yet-but it’s quite comforting to have the little shrine on my window sill (so they be near the garden) I’ve made for them.

We rescued a dog recently, then got a puppy. They’ve helped tremendously with the grief. Although, I’m now sat here sobbing, dh asked why and he’s now sobbing too. Am sending lots of hugs for everybody. 💐 💐 xxxx

Grassynoel Sun 27-Oct-19 17:23:21

You're not alone op. We cry here every day for our guy, he's gone since July. I still have horrible moments where it hits with clarity that I'll actually never see him again. The pain is immense.

We did rescue a little puppy since. He keeps us well busy and we adore him. Nothing could replace our last one but this one is helping us so much by keeping us busy, getting us out walking those old trails and paths again. He's helping us heal a little.

It doesn't get any easier, it's a long ugly process isn't it. I suppose it's about moving towards acceptance and finding a way to move on.

Try look after yourself at this awful time.flowers

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