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3 Year Old - restarting vaccinations

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Hovverry Mon 28-Oct-19 18:29:41

After initial vaccinations dogs do not need more vaccinations for years, except annual lepto boosters. Look it up.
Vets are keeping this information quiet.

newfiemum Fri 25-Oct-19 22:27:36

@jouska her vaccination record said she had the one in June then never got the other. She was rehomed with us late September.

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adaline Fri 25-Oct-19 18:17:27

As she's three I really wouldn't worry - just do thing as normal. I'm sure she's fine smile

Jouska Fri 25-Oct-19 17:44:55

I would not have restarted vaccinations until I had titre tested. Your dog may be covered anyway.

missbattenburg Fri 25-Oct-19 15:49:28

Pics or it didn't happen grin

MasakaBuzz Fri 25-Oct-19 15:36:09

I am not sure I would worry about it. I messed up my furry friend’s vaccinations, and had to re start them. It didn’t enter my head to stop walking her in the interim.

Isn’t there some debate about whether they actually need them every year?

Perhaps I am just a bad owner.

newfiemum Fri 25-Oct-19 15:26:35


We recently bought a Newfie who's nearly three. She's had three homes in as many years and she's finally in her forever home.

We took her to the vet with all the paperwork we had on her (KC, microchipping, vaccinations etc) and the vet told us we'd need to restart her course. She had her first injection there and we're going back in four weeks for the second.

The vet said to still walk her as she's been going out with us for a walk and a swim every morning and we're trying to keep her in routine. However, we walk her in the close NT park with the lake and woodland walk every morning which is always occupied by dogs, even at 7am.

Is it okay as long as she avoids other dogs to play with and their mess? As in, I keep her on a short lead and don't allow her to swim? Otherwise it's going to be beaches or the sea wall walk which again, has a lot of dogs.I'm a little confused and the vets line has been busy for two hours!

Thanks for any advice!

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