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Dog always poops and wees

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Cobblersandhogwash Wed 23-Oct-19 15:39:28

So we've got a dog that we adopted from overseas.

She's lovely. Healthy. Young. Will run off at every opportunity! Doesn't respond to training so she's always on the long lead.

Anyway she always poops and pees overnight.

She has one long walk and one shorter walk every day with my other dogs. She's taken out with the other dogs last thing at night to relieve herself.

But still she poops and pees every single night.

What can I do? Crate her at night?

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adaline Wed 23-Oct-19 15:44:58

Could it be anxiety? What's she like when you leave her through the day?

You could crate her but only if she's been crate trained, otherwise it might make things worse.

Whitney168 Wed 23-Oct-19 15:45:32

My suggestions would be to a) teach her to do both on command (really quite easy and so useful) and b) to change the time you feed her to one that suits her digestion better?

Whitney168 Wed 23-Oct-19 15:47:17

When you say she's taken out last thing, do you mean let her out in the garden or actually walk her?

Some dogs aren't happy to go on their own turf, so actually taking her for a short walk might help if you don't already.

MellowMelly Wed 23-Oct-19 15:47:26

She’ll probably still poop and pee in the crate at night anyway.
What are the dogs sleeping arrangements at night?

PiddleOff Wed 23-Oct-19 15:52:45

Don't crate her. It could make things worse.

Do you reward her when she wees and poos outside or on her walk?

I have a rescue who wasn't remotely house trained when I got her. We trained her through really positive rewards every time she weed or pooed outside or on her walk and she took to it really well and now pisses on command. In fact, she's trained us - if she goes for a wee and we don't notice, she growls at us until we follow her outside where she'll take us to her wee, make sure we've seen it and then go and sit by the treat cupboard.

Do you use puppy pads over night?

PiddleOff Wed 23-Oct-19 15:53:32

Also, how long have you had her?

StillMedusa Thu 24-Oct-19 08:07:49

join the FB group 'dog training advice and support' and read their puppy units (it doesn't make any difference if she's not a puppy ..the process is the same)
She isn't toilet trained and doesn't know that she shouldn't be going in the house, so you need to start her again from scratch.. prob sleep next to her for a week or so so you can hear her stir and pop her outside.
Personally I wouldn't treat as clever dogs will lean to do half a wee for a treat and then still need another for another treat!!

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