Weeing overnight

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Gr1ff Mon 21-Oct-19 09:15:48

We have an amazing 4 year old Cocker who's only flaw is that he sometimes wee's in the hallway overnight. He always goes out for a wee before bed at 10.30 and gets up with DH at 5.30. Sometimes he will go 12 hours without going for a wee overnight (if we let him sleep with us) so we know he can hold his bladder.

He gets an evening walk and we take away his waterbowl overnight. He sleeps in the hallway in his crate (with the door open). We can hear if he whines and it normally wakes me up so he's not even whining or scratching at a door to go out. I'm not keen on shuttinf him in his crate overnight but don't know what to do! I'm getting fed up of cleaning the carpet every morning and having a hallway that smells of dog wee.

Any suggestions?!

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Kirigiri Mon 21-Oct-19 13:56:34

Has he been checked for diabetes? My dog is diabetic and wees constantly. Puppy pads?

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