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dangermouseisace Sun 20-Oct-19 09:54:16

My puppy is nearly fully grown, and his current cheap bed is a bit lumpy. He doesn’t eat his bed so I’m thinking I don’t have to go for the cheapest. He likes to rest his chin on things so I’m thinking something with a raised edge. I’d quite like our sofa back as he takes up most of the damn thing! He’s a big labradoodle, and most beds at our local pet shops look too small- he likes to sprawl rather than curl up. Any suggestions?

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AlexaKimbo Sun 20-Oct-19 09:58:22

Mine have been through loads of beds and hands down the best is Tuffies Nest. Expensive but so many times I’ve spent £40-£50 on a bed only to have to throw it away a few months later. This one is good as new and they’ve had it a couple of years.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 20-Oct-19 13:29:51

Another vote for Tuffies. We have two mattresses with covers. 2+ years of use and the covers are showing some wear (mostly because one of dogs tries to dig up his bed on a regular basis) but the mattresses themselves are in perfect condition.

What I like most about them is that the mattresses are waterproof, so you can hose them off or spray them down with Dettol to remove all dog smell while you shove the covers in the washing machine.

I do wish I'd gone for the nests for extra warmth for the dogs in winter, but I can't see the mattresses ever wearing out!

PestyMachtubernahme Sun 20-Oct-19 13:37:59

A really good selection here.

We got one of these;jsessionid=CD4BDC18AE3481306CB1AD3AC8D56F88 for the back of the car but it often comes inside to go in front of the fire.

Kayjay2018 Sun 20-Oct-19 13:42:46

@dangermouseisace our large Doberman has a lovely grey Danish design bed. We took her to a pet shop to try some out and as soon at this was on the floor she settled herself down in it! That sold it to us. Still going strong 2 years later

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