Serious blood clotting problem, any positive outcomes?

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FVFrog Sat 19-Oct-19 11:45:23

My 4 year old labradoodle had a slight heart murmur picked up at his yearly check last week, initially seemed to be nothing serious but things have rapidly progressed. He started bleeding around his gums when he chewed a bone and last night I discovered several coin size purple bruises under the skin. Have just had to leave him at the vet so they can safely draw blood and see what’s going on, but obviously a platelet issue and I am sat here waiting for a phone call as to the next steps. They said most likely referral today to a specialist centre. I am terrified. I lost my last dog at 7 to a brain tumour. I cannot go through this again sad does anyone have any hopeful experiences?

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FVFrog Sat 19-Oct-19 11:57:20


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TeacupRex Sat 19-Oct-19 12:56:19

Possibly Von Willebrand's disease? It's an inherited condition from the poodle side which means the blood doesn't clot properly. Unfortunately it's not curable, but is manageable with careful monitoring, limiting things that could potentially cause bleeding wounds like bones/chews and you may need something like fibrin glue on hand for emergencies to stop the bleeding.

If you are still in touch with his breeder, you need to let them know if it does end up being VWD. The affected parent could still be breeding and passing on the disease to even more puppies. It's very sad as this disease can very easily be dna health screened for and avoided!

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