Puppy and new house, am I mad?

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Roselilly36 Sat 19-Oct-19 17:55:18

Yes completely unrealistic IMHO. Sorry but you did ask! Good luck with your move.

adaline Sat 19-Oct-19 17:45:44

You'd be bonkers in my opinion.

Puppies are a LOT of work, and even two weeks into moving you're still not going to be fully settled in, surely?

They need taking out the toilet every 20-30 minutes, and supervising pretty much constantly unless they're crated for the first few months! Are you really going to be able to manage that, plus all the socialising/vet visits they need, on top of moving house? Will your new house even be puppy proof?

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 19-Oct-19 10:23:15

I think it would be a bit much. A decent breeder would be happy to keep a puppy an extra couple of weeks.

missbattenburg Sat 19-Oct-19 09:41:33

Why is the breeder reluctant to keep her back for a bit longer? That would trigger my spidey senses a bit...

fivedogstofeed Sat 19-Oct-19 09:39:36

When I moved house the vet recommended keeping the cats in for 4 weeks. Tbh one of them spent most of this time under the bed sad
If you haven't had a puppy before you may be underestimating how much time a puppy needs - it really cam take up most of your day ( and night) in the early stages.

happy97 Sat 19-Oct-19 09:36:39

@fivedogstofeed That's what I was thinking. I could ask the breeder to keep her for another week but I think she's reluctant to do that.

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Spied Sat 19-Oct-19 09:32:02

Yes, you are mad.


fivedogstofeed Sat 19-Oct-19 09:28:38

It does sound like a lot of stress, especially as you'll have to keep your cats closed in the house for a few weeks at least. It would make more sense to let them get established before introducing a puppy.

happy97 Sat 19-Oct-19 08:59:57

I'm moving house on 23rd November. I've always wanted a dog and now I'm in a position to have one. I found a breeder and she had one bitch left. The dam is beautiful and so placid.

But...she will be ready to leave her Mum on 30th November. Am I mad to consider getting a puppy on top of moving house?

Plus...I do have 2 cats as well so I'm wondering if it will be unfair on them. New house, strange new thing in the new house.

Thank you for any advice!

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