What do you do when it's getting too dark for off lead walks?

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StillMedusa Fri 18-Oct-19 20:56:43

My puppy is 5 months old now and in the afternoon (I work school hours so can't be done earlier in the week) we have a nice off lead romp in the local fields...probably for longer than we should, but she loves to sniff, hunt imaginary mice/dragons and just bounce around.

Soon when the clocks go back, that won't be an option, but I'm dreading just walking the streets on a lead.. we will both be a bit bored! (she has a quick toilet walk before school and it's tedious in comparison)

How can I make an evening walk in the dark more fun?

(ps she isn't left alone in the day in case anyone wonders.. my son has her but can't walk her due to his disability)

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Ohyesiam Fri 18-Oct-19 20:58:26

Can’t you buy a light h up collar and carry on?

TwattingDog Fri 18-Oct-19 21:07:39

Light up collars, light tags etc. I use both.

Also, a good torch for poo picking up.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Fri 18-Oct-19 21:27:30

As already suggested, a light up collar, torch for poo-picking - and also find places with some ambient light so it doesn't feel so grimly dark. Depending on your work hours, a walk in the early light might be an option (my two are currently being walked a little later than in the summer, just so I get a bit of daylight first thing).

Where I am, there's enough light to just about see the dogs without collars until about 4.25 until the end of the winter term and at the start of the spring one.

And it's amazing how much you can see by moonlight...

Ohyesiam Fri 18-Oct-19 22:25:09

I have a cycle path at the end of my garden and i love to see a light up collar bobbing past!

Parkandride Fri 18-Oct-19 22:29:13

I just go for it, your eyes adjust and I have a torch on my phone for poo picking. Dog has a jangly collar and white bits so easy to locate

squee123 Fri 18-Oct-19 22:36:15

as others, flashing collar but also a falconry bell on his collar so I can hear where he is


ellsisland Fri 18-Oct-19 22:36:32

Are there any fields that are well lit near you so you could go and throw a ball around?

Alternatively like PP have suggested you could get a light for your puppies collar. You could also get a long line if you are scared of losing the puppy in the dark.

If you need more entertainment for the puppy there is a group called canine enrichment on Facebook which will provide ideas of games you can play indoors throughout the winter to stimulate your puppies brain smile

tabulahrasa Fri 18-Oct-19 23:52:42

I do the same walk in the dark, but with a torch in winter... it’s already dark at 6 anyway, and I’m not only foing pavements all winter... so...

I am currently doing the long walk in the morning though, but that’s just to avoid fireworks.

adaline Sat 19-Oct-19 06:42:49

Light up collars, use a head torch yourself so you have free hands and just carry on as normal!

UrsulaPandress Sat 19-Oct-19 06:46:18

Head torch lights up their eyes and those of any other critters.

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