Choosing girl or boy when already have a girl?

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dontevenblink Thu 17-Oct-19 23:10:07

Can I have a bit of advice please? We are adopting a 10 week old puppy from the SPCA, but we have a choice of two. One is male, one female. Female is smaller and apparently loves cuddles, the boy is larger and fluffier and apparently is very easy to train so far, but not as cuddly possibly. Loved DH and wanted to pick lots and lay happily in my arms though. Female just wants to cuddle him, he is a bit more aloof with her, lies down and then she comes and falls asleep on him! They are labrador/collie crosses. Boy possibly has more lab in him, the girl possibly more collie. We live rurally with lots of tracks for walking etc and DH will go running with it each night when gets bigger.

My main question though is which one should we get based around the dog we already have. She is a female, about 4 years old. She is pretty calm, loves cuddles (thinks she's a cat really), but loves to run with other dogs. I've read that two females may not get on, but how much is that down to personality do you think? I've got to make a decision pretty quick. Think I'm erring towards girl, but then the boy is lovely too.. Help!

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Girlintheframe Fri 18-Oct-19 04:02:00

We have only ever had male dogs. Both were very cuddly. Our current dog just want to be near you/on you/next to you all the time.
They have both been pretty easy to train too.
I've no experience of females dogs but after our last two I would definitely get a male dog again

TheBlessedCheesemaker Fri 18-Oct-19 04:20:27

We have male and two females, and have had both in the past, too.
I prefer females - more loyal, more predictable. DH prefers dogs - more energy, dafter. They could just be our breed experience only, not sure if always the same.
BUT mixed sexes definitely does seem to work better in our experience than 2 bitches/2 dogs.

dontevenblink Fri 18-Oct-19 06:15:57

Thanks for replies. We had our home check today and I had a chat with her about which one she would choose and she said definitely the male, so we've gone with him. Pick him up tomorrow! Haven't told the dc yet, I think ds2 in particular will be ecstatic 😀 I'll come back with pics when we have him...

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Girlintheframe Fri 18-Oct-19 15:40:53

That's great news grin

missbattenburg Fri 18-Oct-19 15:45:45

Good choice, OP. I think there is some truth to the saying "dogs fight to breed; bitches fight to breathe" and some of the worse dog fights I have seen have been female/female, same household fights.

Exciting day tomorrow! Of course, there is no evidence at all that you are getting a puppy until we see those photos...

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