AIBU to find my dogs a bit creepy sometimes?

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FilthyBiscuit Thu 17-Oct-19 00:35:19

Lighthearted obviously!
I live on my own with my 2 lovely dogs. They are my world, but sometimes they can be a bit, well, creepy.
I just went to the loo. They were both asleep. I came back into the room and there were 2 sets of eyes watching me. Watching every move I made.
My girl will come into the bedroom in the middle of the night and paw me. She doesn't sleep in the bedroom, she just does it to wake me up and get some attention.
My boy sleeps in the bedroom. He's too little to get on the bed so he sleeps under it. If I am on the left of the bed, he sleeps under the left of the bed. Ditto the right side.
My girl whines if I sleep in. She's a proper whinger. And if the post comes before I get up she will shred it. Letters, CDs, junk mail. It all gets shredded. If I'm up - not interested.
She also sits and stares. She's a collie cross. She can sit in front of me for hours. Literally. While I'm working, on the internet, reading a book, watching TV, sleeping. She's there. Staring at me.
If my dogs were a bloke I would be running for the hills.
Are your dogs creepy too or just mine?

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NewYoiker Thu 17-Oct-19 00:46:22

Mine are weird. One of mine gets all his toys out of the box then picks his favourite that day. Then he'll put all the other toys back in the box and take the chosen toy upstairs to bed with him. Then the next night he'll go upstairs and get his toy he took upstairs the night before put it in the box and then repeat the cycle it's his bed time routine.. however he won't sleep in his bed if he's put his toy in it so he'll sit and cry until it's moved.

The other one uses me as the perfect place to hide her toys. So I'll wake up to her trying to bury a toy underneath me or as was this morning an empty toilet roll inner... weird.. !

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Thu 17-Oct-19 00:47:36

My dog does the staring thing it can be really unnerving at times, she is a lap dog and whilst on my lap she will contort her head exorcist style so she can just stare at me really intently, I have nicked named her Reagan, fortunately she does not projectile vomit. She also has supernatural powers to get me to do anything she wishes, I have no free will, and when she really wants something such as us all going to bed when she wants to go to bed the death stare comes out to play, resistance is futile, but my god I love her!

purpleme12 Thu 17-Oct-19 01:09:27

They sound amazing I'd love a dog what breed are they?

PeachesPlumsPears Thu 17-Oct-19 01:20:55

I have 2 dogs. The little one did not bark whilst inside the house - he would even get his father to bark if he wanted to go outside to the toilet. But just recently he has found his voice (very distinct one) - its very unnerving as he only bark loudly during the middle of the night whilst staring at one spot (not usually the same spot).

BrokenWing Sat 19-Oct-19 20:33:17

We dog sat a doberman bitch for a few months for someone who had some problems at home. We had a pine bed which was quite low, I used to wake in the middle of the night and she would be stood by the bed, inches from my face just staring right at me. Freaked me out every time.

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