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fairydustandpixies Mon 14-Oct-19 13:13:20

Just wanted to vent!

I've never used AirBNB before but I travel for work sometimes and my dog comes with me. We usually stay in a Travelodge but thought I'd look at AirBNB for a change. Found one that says it accepts pets and I messaged them to make sure that dogs are allowed. Had a message back saying yes but what breed of dog as they have a young daughter, said a Staffie Cross, gave some background on him and that his only unpredictable trait is with cats and he's amazing with kids.

Got a terse message back saying that Staffies are the one breed they will not allow around their daughter and that they have three cats.

No mention of cats on their listing!

I am highly allergic to cats and have an asthma attack severe enough to require hospitalisation within 30 minutes if I'm in a house with one cat, let alone three. That's even after taking anti histamines and having inahlers and relievers.

Okay about not liking Staffies, fair enough (I do know of a friend who had to have their Shih Zhu put down because it bit a child but hey...), but why would you not mention the CATS????

It's a common and severe allergy - why on earth would they not mention that on their listing??

Has anyone else had any luck or problems with AirBNB with a dog or have any recommendations? Or other hotel chains to look for? I'm on a budget so can't afford £££s!

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Catapultaway Mon 14-Oct-19 13:49:02

If it's that severe and I was staying at a place that accepted pets I probably would have asked if they had cats, or other people staying who had cats.

Actually, I'd probably ask anyway even if it didn't mention pets.

fivedogstofeed Mon 14-Oct-19 14:01:56

That's a really stupid thing not to mention.
Plenty of people have cat allergies or simply don't like cats.
I wouldn't want any cat haters staying in my house!

DamonSalvatoresDinner Mon 14-Oct-19 14:09:35

Cats are pets. You say the ad said "pet friendly" not specifically "dog friendly". One would assume that it's quite reasonable to think that cats could have been or are in the house. I don't know what your issue is. If you have a severe allergy it's on you to check if cats are around.

CormacMcLaggen Mon 14-Oct-19 18:34:15

I agree OP, they should have included the information that cats live at the property. Your time was wasted by enquiring when if they'd included the cat info, you would have known it was a no-go.

It's up to them to accurately describe their listing, it's not your responsibility to ask a billion questions to cover every single base.

"What do you mean the toilet didn't work? You mean you didn't think to ASK if it flushed before you booked it?!"

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