Crating 9.5 week pup

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Cornishgirl18 Mon 14-Oct-19 11:28:58

Me again! Following on from my (rather desperate) thread last week the puppy has had no toilet accidents indoors since Friday. We have also crated him overnight and he woke me at 4am to let him out for a wee and 5am for a poo.

Bit of a dilemma as I have doc appointment at 2:30 today and need to go straight to school pick up so will be out of house for 1hr30. Should I crate him or just leave him in his playpen where he is more likely to have accident. There has been someone here with him constantly over weekend so this would be his first time left alone in crate during day. BTW he has happily taken himself to the crate for a sleep this morning so shut the door for 30 mins.

He can't really come with me today as doc car park quite a distance from surgery and don't want to leave him alone in car.

Wwyd... Crate for 1hr30 or leave him in playpen with puppy pad??

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