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ifoundthebread Sun 13-Oct-19 21:12:19

Dog 2 has a very bad habit and that is barking at people. When I we walk both dogs together they both bark at people - dog 1 never used to do this and doesn't when by himself. Both Dogs can be told to sit when we see someone and can keep their attention with a treat until the person gets passed, which is a bit of a pain but manageable. But in the house she has a habit of lunging at people, we can get her to sit and keep her attention with a treat but she barks and lunges when she remembers. After a few minutes she's fine and all over who ever she's been barking at wanting strokes. She hasn't bit anyone but I fear she may nip someone in future? I don't think it's aggression, maybe fear? How do you tell the difference

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Girlintheframe Mon 14-Oct-19 03:48:49

Our dog had a bad habit of barking ferociously when someone enters the house. He would stop straight away if it was family but friends/strangers he wasn't keen on at all.
We used to make him sit then the 2nd he was quiet would say 'shh' and give him a treat. We used to do this on loop hmm. To my great surprise when my friend arrived last week (who he hasn't seen for about 3 months) he just sat by the door and kept looking at me for his treats.
We used to tell guests to completely ignore him too, not even eye contact and let Ddog go to them when he was ready.

Girlintheframe Mon 14-Oct-19 03:56:06

Sorry meant to say, if your Ddog is lunging I would make sure he is some where out of reach of guests. Do you have a bed/chair etc where he can still see what is going on but out of reach? When our Ddog was at his worse and quite scary with his barking I would make him sit on the chair and do the 'shh' routine. He could still see what was going on but the visitor wasn't close enough for him to reach.
If however I'd though he was being aggressive I would have put him in another room.

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