Booster vaccinations

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Hazza000 Fri 11-Oct-19 11:45:23

I have just paid £71 for my dog to have booster vaccinations to include kennel cough - without which the bill would have been just under £48. Is it me or does this seem very high just for annual booster? Would love to hear variations in what ppl are charged according to area? We are in Suffolk

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missbattenburg Fri 11-Oct-19 12:38:55

I paid £25 last week for boosters without KC. 25kg dog (not sure if size makes a difference but suspect it might).

missbattenburg Fri 11-Oct-19 12:39:40

sorry, in the midlands

BiteyShark Fri 11-Oct-19 12:57:51

Mine was included in our vets treatment plan so can't say for sure but I think I remember seeing it £30 ish. Might have been more but less than £40.

However to put this into context that's about the price of just a consultation (consultation would have been included in the vaccination price iykwim).

LimeJellyHead Wed 20-Nov-19 11:13:29

No dog needs annual vaccinations/boosters. That is really out-dated advice and is actually against vaccination guidelines.

BiteyShark Wed 20-Nov-19 11:14:03

You need the lepto one annually.

CarolineCB Fri 22-Nov-19 14:53:58

Take a look here on vaccines. Really interesting

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