Puppy terrified of walks

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Chellngaz Tue 08-Oct-19 07:42:13

Hi, we have a 15 week old miniature dachshund and he is petrified of walks (will not walk away from the house). If we carry him to the bottom of the street he trots back but just point blank refuses to walk away from the house. Any help greatly appreciated

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 08-Oct-19 11:03:58

Do know anyone (or could you find someone) that has a reliable confident adult dog you could go out for a few walks with? There are lots of local dachshund Facebook groups, so I'm sure you could find someone there, if nowhere else.

steppemum Tue 08-Oct-19 11:12:57

can you work out what is frightening him?
For example, what if you sat in the front garden/on front door step for a while, allowing him to get used to sights and smells, and don't try and walk, but sit out for a bit and then come in.
repeat that everyday, and allow him some lead space so he starts to sniff around the door etc.
The once he is happy to be there, just walk a couple of metres and back, or circle the front garden, just so he feels safe?

Nettleskeins Tue 08-Oct-19 11:40:29

I found that the pavement was a scary place for dpup and the gate onto the pavement, whereas the park was immediately associated with pleasant smells and fun. To start with I drove him to the park near our house and worked back from that experience. Soon he was v keen to walk out the door in order to get to the park!

We still get the occasional refusal to go on the pavement outside the house (possibly because he thinks I will drive him to bigger park) - he stalls in the first section for some reason especially with my dd and my dh, but not with me. He is 10 months and not a dachsund but a mini poodle.
The other thing I found was that his territory was the only place he would pee initially, so sometimes he was reluctant to leave because he needed a pee (and only felt he could do it on hometurf) If you can imagine he had no idea if we were ever coming home again as a little puppy (no experience of coming back from going out on foot), his worry about not having a safe place to pee was also holding him back.

Chellngaz Tue 08-Oct-19 11:51:20

Thanks everyone, he goes in the back yard fine but isn’t even happy if we go to a park, he jumps at every sound known to man only time he is happy with tail wagging is if he is getting attention off passers by

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adaline Tue 08-Oct-19 12:07:47

What kind of socialisation has been done with him?

longtompot Tue 08-Oct-19 16:04:13

My pup was held back with her jabs (my vets didn't do the same one as the breeders, so had to restart), so she couldn't join in with other dogs in the park. I did carry her about to help with traffic noises etc. But she was very fearful of other dogs, and sometimes just wouldn't walk down our road! She is still nervous of people, now 7 years old, but is much better as I am continually working with her. I always have treats on me as she is very food centric.

I suggest going back to the beginning and do what @steppemum said. Sit in the front garden with him. He will naturally over time want to explore more, you need to take your cue from him. Don't react to any big noises. He will look to see what you do if a noisy car drives past etc Hopefully he will start to feel more confident and go on longer walks.

Also, if on fb, see if there are any breed specific groups you can join. Quite often they do mass walks. We had one near us a few years ago. It was such a gorgeous sight to see so many little dachshunds of different types running around.

Good luck op, I'm sure you will get through it and have a happy walk loving dog very soon smile


Chellngaz Tue 08-Oct-19 17:07:06

He does puppy class and had from 10 weeks old, always carried him out and about before his final jabs.

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rosesinmygarden Tue 08-Oct-19 21:06:23

Our puppy was like this. I persevered and now she loves walks, this is her at the park on our mother in law bench. She's still scared of other dogs, pushchairs, skateboards, dustbins, toddlers ... you name it! I figure we just have to keep trying.! It was as if she didn't realise walks are fun and because she's timid shedorsnt like new things until she's had tine to process them.

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