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Stellaris22 Mon 07-Oct-19 22:11:05

Most days I get to let my dog play and run around with other dogs. She is spayed. There is one dog who insists on jumping her, head, side, everything. Owners excuse is that my dog smells nice. I make my excuses and leave, but as an owner of a female dog I'm losing my patience with owners of un neutered male dogs.

Why should my lovely dig suffer, defend herself constantly, due to unwanted male attention. It's horrible and makes my dog look aggressive.

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Fucksandflowers Mon 07-Oct-19 23:08:53

How do you know the jumping is sexual?
Jumping on her head, side, everywhere sounds to me less like sexually frustrated male and more like boisterous, rude dog never taught manners who just so happens to be entire male?

Veterinari Mon 07-Oct-19 23:19:53

Agree unlikely to be sexual as it sounds like unfocused

Mounting can be motivated by many things - it’s a display of confidence, it can be boisterousness or it can be pleasureable

pigsDOfly Mon 07-Oct-19 23:51:04

OP I think it's time to stop being polite and tell the owner of the badly behaved dog to get him under control.

Unless your bitch is in season, which as she's spayed is clearly not going to be the case, it's unlikely to be sexual, the dog just has no manners and probably isn't picking up on the 'get off' signals your dog is sending out.

My female dog has been jumped on by other dogs on numerous occasions - three at the same time on one occasion, all belonging to the same person - and I will have no hesitation in telling them to control their dogs and get them off my dog.

Doesn't always work because often, when you've got a bad mannered dog you've usually got a useless owner, who will often stand there calling their dog, whilst their dog completely ignores them.

It's not fair that your dog's walk should be cut short because of someone else's dog's behaviour.

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