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Good dog for allergies

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blankittyblank Mon 07-Oct-19 15:37:45

I really want a dog. Our whole family do, but I have quite bad allergies to most dogs i've encountered.

I've spent time around some 'allergy friendly' breeds, like poodles and labradoodles, but I get really asthmatic being around them for even a really short time.

In my experience, i seem to be better with longer haired dogs. I was just wondering if there is anyone like me, who is allergic to 'hypoallergenic' dogs, but has gone on to find a breed which works for them?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 07-Oct-19 17:12:10

you might be ok with a Portuguese water dog, or a border collie?

Walnutwhipster Mon 07-Oct-19 17:14:06

DN is highly allergic. I was amazed she was recommended a Samoid. She doesn't react at all to him and he's a stunning dog.

Mitebiteatnite Mon 07-Oct-19 17:15:37

There is no such thing as a 'hypoallergenic' dog. You see it talked about all the time, how certain breeds are good for people with allergies. But it's just not true. I am desperate for a dog, I love them and the kids want one, but the allergy consultant I see at Addenbrookes (who are the leading allergy specialists in the UK) has made it very clear to me that under no circumstances must I get a dog.

Even if you had a 'hypoallergenic' dog, and became desensitised over time, all it would take is a week away from said dog and as soon as you went back, your symptoms would return.

BubblesBuddy Mon 07-Oct-19 17:16:50

We had a Lhasa Apso. Smallish dogs originally from Tibet. They have hair that doesn’t shed. Most non showing owners have the hair cut in pet trim but as they don’t leave hairs anywhere this type of dog is the best you can hope for. Quite strong personalities though!

Walnutwhipster Mon 07-Oct-19 17:17:04


purplerainpurplerain Mon 07-Oct-19 17:27:28

I grew up with a Lhasa Apso (we got him when I have 5 and he lived til he was 15) they don't moult and are good for allergies. He had a lovely temperament and was a great family dog. Super cute aswell! I would definitely get another one in the future. Still miss him.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Mon 07-Oct-19 17:28:58

we have lots of allergies and eczema and asthma in the family and have a miniature schnauzer-
she doesn't shed and no one has the slightest problem with her.
I do see that even just looking at this thread what works for one obviously won't work for all but highly recommend schnauzers.
She is an absolute poppet-clever, loving and loves walking with me-which was one of the criteria

blankittyblank Mon 07-Oct-19 18:02:34

Thanks everyone!

@Mitebiteatnite - Interesting what you've said about your allergy consultant said. I expect that would be the case with me too - when i have been around a cat or dog it already takes me about 2 or 3 days for all the symptoms to leave me. Deep down I think it would be a terrible idea, but I want a dog SO much!

@Walnutwhipster - that's really interesting what you said about your Samoyed, I was just reading about them earlier today. They look like lovely dogs too. I wish I could 'try one out' for a few days to see how i'd get on!

I LOVE schnauzers!! They would probably be my dog of choice, but i am defo allergic to them unfortunately. God, it's SO annoying!

Thanks so much for your recommendations! I will defo look more into some of these breeds. But I also expect that I shouldn't even entertain the idea sad

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Wolfiefan Mon 07-Oct-19 18:06:21

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. None at all. Some people react more to certain dogs. Golden retrievers generally bring me out in hives but greyhounds don’t have an effect.
TBH if you’re asthmatic and highly allergic then I wouldn’t. I spent two years meeting wolfhounds and found I never reacted to a single one. Phew. Lucky.
But we have two cats. Sisters. Pretty much identical to look at. I’m allergic to one. Just one. confused
Imagine if you took on a dog and had to return it due to allergies. You’d be devastated.

Veterinari Mon 07-Oct-19 18:08:33

Are you allergic to hair or dander (shed skin cells) or saliva? Without knowing, it’s impossible to advise. Different breeds have different allergenic risks but if you’re allergic to dander or saliva then the moulting/haircoat type of the breed is irrelevant

PookieDo Mon 07-Oct-19 18:33:17

I have a non shedding Maltese x Yorkshire terrier
I don’t know if he is hypo allergenic but I believe it’s easier with a non shedding dog. He is long haired, although I don’t keep him long

blankittyblank Mon 07-Oct-19 19:08:16

@Veterinari how do I know which one I'm allergic to? All I know is that I am allergic to wool type hair, and some people who have allergies aren't. And I seem to be far worse with short haired dogs. 🤷‍♀️

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blankittyblank Mon 07-Oct-19 19:11:47

Actually, do you have recommendations of dogs which are good for people with allergies to dander, vs those with allergies to saliva? Then I might be able to figure it out.

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blankittyblank Mon 07-Oct-19 19:13:12

Thanks @Wolfiefan I think you're right, I shouldn't even entertain the idea for all the reasons you mentioned. I would so love to find a breed that works for me though 😩

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Wolfiefan Mon 07-Oct-19 19:28:40

If you have met a certain breed that hasn’t affected you then there are breed specific shows. I went to just wolfhound ones and asked permission to cuddle and fuss and be sat on by the hounds. A couple of years of that and I was certain I wasn’t allergic!

oreosoreosoreos Mon 07-Oct-19 19:47:00

I'm allergic to some dogs (mainly short haired ones ).

DDog is a cross between a bichon frise and a King Charles cavalier and I don't react to her at all.

Ylvamoon Mon 07-Oct-19 19:48:33

I know Tibetan Terriers are good for people with allergies.

But you also need to consider everything that Veterinari said.
And, don't forget, a puppy cost is different from the adult coat.

There is however one breed that ticks all the boxes except for looks! A Chinese Crested Dog. Don't dismiss them entirely, they have lovely personalities. Mine where easy to train and very chilled... just what you want for a family pet.

Ylvamoon Mon 07-Oct-19 19:49:57

Should read:
... puppy coat is different from ...

Wolfiefan Mon 07-Oct-19 20:00:44

@Ylvamoon is right. Not all dogs of a certain breed will have exactly the same coat. And it may not even be hair you’re allergic to. I wasn’t allergic to the cat when we collected her as a kitten. But as she’s grown, so has my reaction. sad

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