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YoureAQuizardHarry Sun 06-Oct-19 23:10:15

We took our dog to the pub tonight and she got bitten by another dog. As did I.

When I took her out afterwards she barked at another dog which is totally out of character.

I let my cut bleed and I'll be seeing the GP tomorrow. But does she need to see a behaviourist ? As she's never had an issue with dogs but on the way home she was very barky at anything and everything.

She absolutely did not cause the fight though, she was asleep and the other dog came over and bit her face so I picked her up and it also bit me.

I spoke with it's owners and apparently he's shit with other dogs but they thought the pub would be dog free at 9pm

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YoureAQuizardHarry Sun 06-Oct-19 23:10:51


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missbattenburg Sun 06-Oct-19 23:38:31

Cortisol is the hormone released when your dog is frightened (among other things) and high levels of it will make her jumpy.

The bite is likely to mean her cortisol levels are high. They will take about 72 hours to go down to normal.

I'd keep her calm and quiet and just go on easy, familiar and safe walks for the next few days.

The chances are she will go back to her normal self as her cortisol drips and she gets over the fright.

Booboostwo Mon 07-Oct-19 09:45:42

She's had a fright and is reacting to that. Let her settle and then try to reintroduce her to dogs that are friendly and she knows already, in a safe environment. If you ever take her back to the pub you may need to create some positive associations (by giving her treats for example) as she's likely to associate the bad experience with the pub as well.

Hope you are not in too much pain from the bite. Do you know the other people? I would be tempted to report them to the Dog Warden because they have a dog aggressive dog which they are not managing effectively and, in this case, he also bit a human. They need to muzzle the dog in public.

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