Fleas. Help!

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PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 21:31:19

My 1 yo pup/dog has fleas. I bought some frontline. Crap. Phoned the vets went to pick up some advocate and indorex today.

Treated the house. Washed EVERYTHING. Hoovered, steam mopped, sprayed.

I was just wondering how long it takes to kick in?

Dog seemed fine at first, but has started scratching this evening. When I just checked, I seen one of the little bastards running in her fur.

Put advocate on about 3pm.

First time she has had fleas and just wondering if anyone can help me with regards to how long it takes before the little fookers DIE!!

I worry I'm re-infecting everything, even though I've indorexed everywhere.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Span1elsRock Sat 05-Oct-19 21:38:03

We use Prinovox from the vet, only thing that works on mine.

unluckyheather Sat 05-Oct-19 21:42:24

We had the same problem with our dog & within a few hours of applying Advocate the fleas were dropping off him.
It won’t take long - hoover at the ready!

PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 21:45:02

Oh that's good unlucky. Thank you.

I have seen a couple of dead ones on the couch so it must be working.

I just want her to be scratch free!! Must be driving the poor little thing mad.

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unluckyheather Sat 05-Oct-19 22:02:28

It must be miserable for them, poor things. I’m sure we used a nice soothing shampoo at the time as well to ease the itching but can’t remember what it was called (this was a few years ago)
Didn’t see another flea on him once the Advocate kicked in. Apparently Frontline has stopped working in some areas as fleas are getting resistant to it so vets are prescribing alternatives

PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 22:04:25

Vets basically said anything you can buy from a shop is useless.

She seems to have calmed down now and is stretched out on the couch. Handheld vac at the ready!!!

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unluckyheather Sat 05-Oct-19 22:12:03

What breed is she btw?


MaryBerriesNiece Sat 05-Oct-19 22:20:33

We use Bravecto, it’s a once a month treatment for fleas and ticks and it works a treat. We also use Indorex (more for the spiders we get then than the fleas)

5zeds Sat 05-Oct-19 22:22:14

They run around frantically before they die. It will be oversoon

PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 22:30:13

All so reassuring everyone thank you.

I know it's frowned upon here *unlucky", but she's a cockapoo.

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PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 22:34:23

Obligatory cute pic

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Amicompletelyinsane Sat 05-Oct-19 22:34:53

It will work fairly quickly but you may see a flea or two hatch out over the next three months. There's a life stage the products don't kill so it needs to hatch and then will be killed by the residual effect of the indorex or the treated pet. They will go though with those products. Just so you don't panic if you see more over the coming weeks

PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 22:56:49

Thanks. Vet said need to indorex in 2 weeks time again just to kill the lasts off.

Very helpful. Thanks everyone.

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PositiveVibez Sat 05-Oct-19 22:58:15

Dear do though. £37 for treatment and spray.

She's worth it though of course 🥰

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unluckyheather Sun 06-Oct-19 07:43:02

She’s gorgeous. My sister has a 16 week old cockapoo smile

Tutlefru Wed 09-Oct-19 10:35:43

We’re having this at the minute! Indorex and advocate are cheaper online for future reference, I got some from fetch.com delivered next day too!

I’m really hoping they are gone, I can’t see any crawling on her so fingers crossed. Ive washed everything and used the spray. 🤞🏻

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