Can I leave my dog alone at home for 5.5 hours?

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ChocolateRaisin Sat 05-Oct-19 10:45:42

He’ll be absolutely fine, enjoy your day out.

BlueEyedBengal Sat 05-Oct-19 10:40:52

Take him out before so he can do his thing and make sure he has plenty of food , water, and nice bed and a favourite toy or two. And I would leave a radio on a talk channel on low maybe in the kitchen so if he has a accident it's easier to clean up and he should be fine.

doodleygirl Sat 05-Oct-19 10:12:44

Yes, I would think he will be fine.

Whatevskev Sat 05-Oct-19 10:11:26

Having a bit of a stress today.

We booked tickets to a big show that the kids have been desperate to see. Booked the tickets over a year ago and it was their combined bday presents. A huge deal basically!

My sister was going to come and mind DDog for us. He is a rescue and will not travel in a car- it’s a total no no basically and we have accepted this and manage.
So when I go out he has a walker come to the house or on a couple of occasions when we have been to eg weddings etc my sister comes and dog sits him for the evening

I leave him up to three hours fairly regularly in the day- occasionally four but never longer
He’s always fine- no evidence of distress or chewing etc. Occasionally he appears to have humped a cushion which I know can be a sign of boredom but he does that when I’m at home sometimes too!

My sister has had an emergency and can’t now come. I’ve tried local dog sitters and walkers but no one locally can visit him or have him to stay.
I’ve literally exhausted all my options.

Would he be ok to be left if we give him a ridiculous amount of walks today and leave long treats and new toys etc and a warm house?
It would be 5.5 hours if we don’t linger at all and go straight there and back.

Is that a really bad thing to do?

He won’t have access to the outside.

The only other option is that either me or DH don’t go but the kids will be really disappointed.

I’m just torn as the rescue once told me 3-4 hours is the absolute maximum a dog should be left alone and anything more is cruel and I have stuck to that since getting him six years ago.

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