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Can I leave my dog alone for 5.5 hours?

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Whatevskev Sat 05-Oct-19 10:07:46

Having a bit of a stress today.

We booked tickets to a big show that the kids have been desperate to see. Booked the tickets over a year ago and it was their combined bday presents. A huge deal basically!

My sister was going to come and mind DDog for us. He is a rescue and will not travel in a car- it’s a total no no basically and we have accepted this and manage.
So when I go out he has a walker come to the house or on a couple of occasions when we have been to eg weddings etc my sister comes and dog sits him for the evening

I leave him up to three hours fairly regularly in the day- occasionally four but never longer
He’s always fine- no evidence of distress or chewing etc. Occasionally he appears to have humped a cushion which I know can be a sign of boredom but he does that when I’m at home sometimes too!

My sister has had an emergency and can’t now come. I’ve tried local dog sitters and walkers but no one locally can visit him or have him to stay.
I’ve literally exhausted all my options.

Would he be ok to be left if we give him a ridiculous amount of walks today and leave long treats and new toys etc and a warm house?
It would be 5.5 hours if we don’t linger at all and go straight there and back.

Is that a really bad thing to do?

He won’t have access to the outside.

The only other option is that either me or DH don’t go but the kids will be really disappointed.

I’m just torn as the rescue once told me 3-4 hours is the absolute maximum a dog should be left alone and anything more is cruel and I have stuck to that since getting him six years ago.

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SlB09 Sat 05-Oct-19 10:14:39

Our dog is occasionally left up to 8hrs if we both have to work and just curls up and sleeps or watches the world go by out of the window. We leave toys and treats but they are never played with, she just used the time to recover after being pestered by a toddler!!! I really wouldn't worry as a one off, especially as they are totally fine when left normally. if you are concerned then could a neighbour pop in?
Only consideration with treats is not to leave them anything they could potentially choke on or get injured off like bones and nothing too salty that could make them very thirsty. Your dog will be fine sure x

Whatsforu Sat 05-Oct-19 10:16:49

Every dog is different and you know yours best. However the comment from the rescue of any more than 3-4 hours being cruel is excessive and why so many dogs remain in kennels. Do they not think that is cruel long term. Provided your dog has no significant issues he should be fine.

Floralnomad Sat 05-Oct-19 10:18:08

OP , you know your dog and you know whether this is ok as an occasional thing . For our dog it would be perfectly ok .

TokyoSushi Sat 05-Oct-19 10:18:57

As a one off it'll be fine, enjoy your day!

Hoppinggreen Sat 05-Oct-19 10:19:19

My rule is 4 hours BUT I think as a one off your plan should be ok

PeppaPigBaconSarnie Sat 05-Oct-19 10:19:25

As a one off he will be fine.

Make sure the room is safe and leave the radio on for him.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sat 05-Oct-19 10:19:43


Crimebustersofthesea Sat 05-Oct-19 10:27:28

I think it's fine as a one off. We usually have a four hour limit but got delayed a few days ago and it was over 5.5 hours before we got home. He was fine. I wouldn't do it regularly but it's a one off.

Whatevskev Sat 05-Oct-19 10:34:45

Oh thank you that’s really helped.

By treats I mean the stuffed kongs that he loves- just a smear of pate or cheese keeps him occupied for ages!
He’s already been in the park over an hour with the kids so he’s having a fine time so far today and will hopefully forgive us

Yes the rescue did scare me with that comment. They said he may have significant mental trauma as he was abandoned so we had to be very mindful

He is totally loved and is actually a very calm loving and unstressed dog on the whole.

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Apolloanddaphne Sat 05-Oct-19 10:52:35

I don't usually leave my dog more than 4 hours but in a couple of occasions she has been left for 6 hours and she has been absolutely fine.

Motorina Sat 05-Oct-19 18:00:41

If he copes fine with 4 hours he’ll cope fine with 6. Should you make a habit of it? No. But a one-off will do no harm at all.

Enjoy the show.

PookieDo Sat 05-Oct-19 18:29:36

I have had to Leave mine occasionally and he was just happy to see me when I got back. He’s not a destructive dog anyway

NWQM Sat 05-Oct-19 21:22:20

Our dog would be fine but this mild weather. We'd do a longish walk before hand if possible. We done 5 hours very rarely and usually by mistake ie because of bad traffic. Like you we don't make a habit of it and in actual fact our dog is rarely alone as husband works from home but he has managed.

SJane48S Sun 06-Oct-19 10:43:39

Don't panic! He's an adult dog who has adjusted to his environment and it'll be fine. Just go over where he will be more than once to make sure there's nothing he c can chew up and choke on. On a daily basis it wouldn't be a good thing but as a one off its fine! Try not to worry.

StarlightIntheNight Mon 07-Oct-19 10:31:27

Yes of course. Just give the dog a good outing before you leave and when you return. Make sure the dog is tired out and had fun. I find when we do that our dog just likes to sleep when home in between following me around and then sleeping more, until our next outing.

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