Best beds for senior Labrador

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snowballer Fri 04-Oct-19 17:40:26

As the thread suggests - can I have recommendations for a good bed for a 9 year old lab? He's in good shape but conscious he's approaching 70 yo in human years and might like something comfier than his current bed (which he largely eschews in favour of sofas/armchairs/DD's bed).

Obviously photo evidence of labs enjoying their beds wouldn't be frowned on...

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snowballer Fri 04-Oct-19 20:26:14


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randomsabreuse Fri 04-Oct-19 20:30:56

Our recently departed lab really liked the Aldi beds. Soft and fluffy with that edge to snuggle up to. Also machine washable. He preferred them to the £140 reduced to £80 bed DH bought for him.

Windydaysuponus Fri 04-Oct-19 20:31:37

Yours obviously....

Apolloanddaphne Fri 04-Oct-19 20:33:57

I have a memory foam bed for my dog which is fab for her ailing joints. It did from this company.

Apolloanddaphne Fri 04-Oct-19 20:34:53

It came from I mean. I should never drunk post on MN!

Windydaysuponus Fri 04-Oct-19 20:37:04

Ikea have a new pet range I hear...


GeneHuntLover Fri 04-Oct-19 22:33:05

Orvis are pricey but very good, we got our lab one and she's 7 now, still as good as new

MaisyMary77 Sat 05-Oct-19 18:29:07

I used a really good quality cot bed mattress for my elderly lab. He loved it! Picked it up from eBay for about £5.

Thelaughinggnome123 Sun 06-Oct-19 00:33:42

I've got this for my 11 year old arthritic lab. She loves it.

ArsenicGreen Mon 07-Oct-19 14:40:38

If you search for the SleepeeE dog bed Test and reviews, you’ll find a few mentions of it being good for arthritic dogs. It is a super comfy memory foam one.

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