Is it time for my lab?

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Episcomama Fri 04-Oct-19 13:36:51

I think we need to euthanize our black lab. She is 14 and has been declining for a while. Biggest issue is her hips, for a while now we haven't been able to take her on long walks and she struggles on our stairs. Took her to the vet a month ago; he thought that despite her age she has decent muscle tone in her legs, so we likely have about a year.

This morning she couldn't stand up. Couldn't get her back legs up. I helped her and laid her on the sofa. After a while she was able to stand and walk a bit, but her hips seem splayed, almost as though she's trying to balance on a slippery surface. I think it's time but I'm so concerned about "killing her" before it's the right time.

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Catapultaway Fri 04-Oct-19 13:43:49

It's really tough to know when's the "right" time. The vet will advise but you know you're dog the best, so you are best placed to know.

It's always heartbreaking.

Kaykay06 Fri 04-Oct-19 13:46:25

So sad, take her to the vets they may have something that could help, or it may just be time, if she’s in pain and discomfort.
I have a retriever and his back legs haven’t been good recently and he had a very bad stomach and I thought it was his time. He’s rallied but always a worry. He’s 11.

Thinking of you and your lovely girl, it’s so heartbreaking

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