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Urgent help.Male dog marking

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PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 02-Oct-19 16:28:15

I have a 3 year old Chihuahua,he was toilet trained from a puppy but since hes hit 2 hes started marking in the house.Its usually the same spots in the kitchen which I clean with bleach and a special dog urine spray.Nothing works and I really regret not getting him castrated years ago.Do you think it would stop him if he had the operation now? Hes nearly just weed on my leg and has never done this before.

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PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 02-Oct-19 16:29:10

Reported to be put in doghouse section

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bodgeitandscarper Wed 02-Oct-19 16:32:30

I'd definitely neuter him now, but chihuahua's are notorious for marking in the house ime; crate training and starting your house training from scratch might be worth trying.

Coffeeandchocolate9 Wed 02-Oct-19 16:34:46

Definitely neuter now. Should help plus it's just responsible dog ownership.

Is he being taken out for a wee often enough?

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 02-Oct-19 17:02:06

@Coffeeandchocolate9 yes hes got constant access to outside he even does it near door sometimes if door open

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adaline Wed 02-Oct-19 17:23:04

Get him castrated. It can definitely help with marking behaviours.

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 02-Oct-19 17:31:52

@adaline god i hope so

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KarenBeck Wed 02-Oct-19 17:39:30

Might be worth a vet trip, possibly a urinary infection? I'd definately get him done though. I'm fostering a dog, he's so clean except for washing baskets, keeps marking them. I just keep them off ground level now. He has been "done" just has a problem with clean washing.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 02-Oct-19 19:27:58

Get him castrated. Scent marking is about the only behaviour where castration has a reasonably reliable effect.

Are there enzymes in the dog wee cleaner?

PookieDo Thu 03-Oct-19 07:20:07

I wouldn’t use bleach - it can make the urine ammonia more appealing to them I think
I would just use the enzyme cleaner

I have a 6yo castrated dog who still marks in the house - always a laundry basket! So it isn’t a given he will stop after the op but it could help

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