Please help me replace this toy

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GCAcademic Wed 02-Oct-19 13:54:48

DDog has broken his favourite toy. It's ancient and I can't seem to find a replacement. Has anyone seen this kind of thing anywhere, please?

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missbattenburg Wed 02-Oct-19 14:11:06

I've seen this but need to think where...

Chloesmumtoo Wed 02-Oct-19 14:12:12

missbattenburg Wed 02-Oct-19 14:13:45

missbattenburg Wed 02-Oct-19 14:14:22

definately go with the £4 one over ebay's £15!!

GCAcademic Wed 02-Oct-19 14:30:17

Oh wow, you guys are brilliant. Thanks so much. DDog will be greatly relieved!

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Chloesmumtoo Wed 02-Oct-19 14:33:52

Miscota is only 7cm but the Ebay one is Diameter 14cm (5.5"). So check which size matches GCAcademic


GCAcademic Wed 02-Oct-19 14:36:33

Oh, well spotted. It’s the smaller one he has. Thanks!

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Chloesmumtoo Wed 02-Oct-19 15:02:27

Great, that's good and cheaper too grin

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