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PookieDo Wed 02-Oct-19 10:29:15

I would like to know if he does bark during the day, I am unsure. He is alone for 4 hours sometimes.

I am confused by how many there are... seem to need to pay a cloud subscription for the footage also most are motion sensitive not noise

Any suggestions of something reasonably priced?

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BiteyShark Wed 02-Oct-19 10:34:17

I use an IeGeek camera but it only notifies on movement. However, I like it as I can move it about using an app on my camera and can listen in on him all the time he is on his own.

No subscription, just an app on my phone.

fanniboz Wed 02-Oct-19 20:22:14

When we first started leaving our dog home alone I bought a smallish camera by Tooge to keep an eye on her. It's about £30 on amazon. It's actually quite good quality for the price, you just need to get a microSD card to go with it. It has an app, just leave the camera on at home (it has WiFi connectivity but I use a cable from the router) and you can move it around, listen and talk through it from the app. It's a great wee thing and I still use it now on the rare occasion I'm out for a bit longer so I know my dog is okay

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