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Loud Noises Supposed Gunshots and her anxiety

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Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 21:59:51

We live in a large city centre high rise apartment with a large terrace. We’re looking to move to the country next year but need to stay here for now. There is always loud noises, supposed gun shots and sometimes car exhausts banging, but you can tell the difference between the two. There is either loud screeching and spluttered exhaust banging or isolated 2-5 bangs. It’s becoming increasingly scary for me, though I try my best not to show it, the dog is really effected when DP is not home.

Tonight she was shaking in fear because of the bangs. How can I help her? I do not tell her off, if she barks, or growls for any behaviour in reaction to the bangs, but tonight she was so scared.

How can I help her without altering her? As in drugs? I do not want her drugged up etc? How can I help her? We are moving away from here, we just can’t just yet.

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Celebelly Tue 01-Oct-19 22:04:14

Have you tried a thundershirt?

Moondust001 Tue 01-Oct-19 22:06:02

If it's scaring you, that will increase her fear. And she can hear much better than you.

Speak to the vet, there are methods that don't involve drugs, but every dog reacts differently so you may have to try a few methods before you find a good option. One of my previous dogs was terrified of fireworks - and after trying many options, I found that thunder jackets worked perfectly. And you can even make your own.

Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 22:06:51

I suppose I could, but she is a long haired large breed, and the apartment is already quite hot, I try to keep the doors shut of an evening to drown out the noise of the bangs, so I think it would make her too hot, as I do think it would help reduce her anxiety, she can flee to me but can also be so frantic it’s so upsetting knowing I’m bloody helpless

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Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 22:08:58

Yes thunder shirt will be an option for over the firework season which is fast approaching. But it isn’t an option for every evening.

Does anyone have any opinion on adaptil plug in or yumove calm? I’m looking for herbal but appreciate the severity of it I might not be able to get away from some form of sedation type drug (obviously not that severe)

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BrownOwlknowsbest Tue 01-Oct-19 22:17:54

Can you cover her up with a sheet or something when she sits by you? My dogs generally coped with bangs better if they felt they were hidden. Sort of 'It can't see me so I'm safe' Maybe you can create a dark den with blankets over a table if she would be too hot covered up

Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 22:26:35

@BrownOwl I do try yes, I darken the quietest part of our home and wrap her in a blanket, she is only young so for firework night I didn’t come prepared this will be her second and I am seriously dreading it. I think I’ll buy her a crate type think and sound proof it and darken it. I’ll speak to a vet as well next week.

I was just hoping of personal recommendations but the thunder vest and a hide out are two musts for the firework season. Thank you xxx

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ChickenyChick Tue 01-Oct-19 22:30:52

My dog is like this, in shooting/firework season I build her a den, by putting dog bed under a desk, and blankets over the desk. It helps her feel safe, to be in that den.

She is still nervous, but has a “safe enclosed place” which helped a lot

Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 22:35:22

Maybe a constant den for her will be the answer until we can move then she can run and hide if she needs too... off to research sound proofing 😂

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BrownOwlknowsbest Tue 01-Oct-19 23:08:15

I had one dog who used to hide in the shower whenever we had a thunder storm!

Ftumch Tue 01-Oct-19 23:15:28

We used to put our old girl in the ensuite (no windows) with the extractor on during thunder storms, do you have a room like that? She was still stressed but she didnt try and dig her way out through the floor of she was in there!

Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 23:38:00

The bathroom is a little bit like that, but I can’t imagine her being happy, she doesn’t like to be locked in a room, she will sit and scrat the door and bark, so we have to have all of the doors open throughout the apartment.

I’m going to get a crate and sponge it out as a safe space for her, and get her a thunder jacket for particularly bad nights in the quietest part of the apartment where she goes to hide when there’s loud noises.

I’m arranging for us to stay somewhere else on bonfire night because it will just be too much for her and I worry on any lasting effects.

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tabulahrasa Wed 02-Oct-19 00:01:41

Try a wrap first, it’s the same principle as a thunder shirt, but without costing as much. A stretchy bandage is good, but a pair of thickish tights (I’d say 40 denier at least, 60 or 100 would be better)

I haven’t tried adaptil, but the cat version works fairly well on stressed cats...

Ohbuggerlugs Wed 02-Oct-19 09:17:46

@tabulahrasa thank you! I will that means she won’t heat up at much too! Thanks so much x

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CMOTDibbler Wed 02-Oct-19 10:49:13

I use an adaptil collar on my nervous nellie dog, and the difference it has made for him during fireworks and shooting (rural area) is amazing

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