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13 Week Old Pup not eating much!

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SleepySunflower Tue 01-Oct-19 13:16:46

We have a 13 week old pup. Yesterday she stopped eating her dry food (Barking Dog Puppy). I also use this as training treats and she normally loves it but has refused since yesterday. Today she ate her Step up to Naturals wet food for breakfast but she has only eaten half of her lunch. She seems fine in herself. Weeing and pooing normally- no runs or straining. At what stage should I worry?

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Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 19:22:43

Is she drinking plenty? Check the colour of her gums. A healthy puppy should be eating, but she might be just being a little bugger. My puppy has never really been treat/food orientated.. and she still isn’t. How much % has she ate compared to how much is in the guidelines? Has she had any flea wormer treatment recently?

Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 19:24:00

OP sorry -

She will be teething hence her preference to her soft food as them gums will really be hurting. Soften the food for her with some warm water gravy and leave to soften try not to chop and change foods for optimum results and not a fussy puppy!

SleepySunflower Tue 01-Oct-19 19:47:19

Ohbuggerlugs, thank you. I normally give her half her daily allowance of dry food and half the daily allowance of wet to make her total feed. She is still refusing her dry but ate her wet food for dinner and still seemed hungry so an hour later I gave her a bit more. She is always mouthy but never rough but today she seemed very bitey for the first time so I am guessing teeth! she is chewing teddies, authorised slippers but not interested in carrots or actual chew toys! Any ideas?

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