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Help - dog messing in house

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WicketWoo Mon 30-Sep-19 21:32:44

Sine we moved house a few years ago our previously house trained dog started weeing inside occasionally. We put it down to there having been a dog that hadn't been spade living here before.

We ripped up carpets and had stuff cleaned to get rid of any underlying smells. It kept happening.

So we thought it must be the cat /dog flap. Our old one was through a door and the new house one is through a wall. So we replaced it with a much bigger one in case this was causing the hassle. Nope.

Over the past 3/4 years we have had to deal with his wee-ing but we never ever catch him. We have a biggish house and he will always get all the way to the utility room and then we next to the cat flap. Which makes us think it's not some kind of incontinence.

Now it's reached another level and I have no idea what to do.

He was very poorly over summer - he had an enlarged liver and heart and we didn't think he was going to make it but he seems to have made a full reocovery. (There are some concerns about Cushings - could this be related?)

Only problem is the wees have now been joined by poos. I recently told him off for pooing near the cat flap and he has now taken to pooing sneakily elsewhere in the house. It is awful and we have no idea what to do to sort this.

In case it's relevant he's 10 years old and a Bichon Frisée.

Any tips at all very much appreciated.

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Wolfiefan Mon 30-Sep-19 21:34:48

Vet check first.
Don’t tell him off. That’ll just make him find a new spot away from you. Back to basics if there are no medical issues. Take him out on a lead to go. Frequently. Keep him near you when he’s inside so he can’t hide and go to the toilet inside.

Mrswhirley Mon 30-Sep-19 21:43:57

Definitely get him checked at the vets. Our border (13) recently started weeing indoors, very unusual for him, took him to the vets after a couple of days and after several tests ruling everything out he has just been diagnosed with Cushing’s. He has also been eating and drinking excessively which is a symptom. We have been using Glendarcy belly band nappies! He’s just started medication so hoping for improvements soon! Hope you get some answers at the vets poor little pooch!

WicketWoo Tue 01-Oct-19 06:44:52

Thanks, both.

Seems like a vet visit is in order and the. Nappies!!

It is just so strange that he makes it all the way through the house to the cat flap but then wees there. It feels like he has control but chooses not to exercise it. It feels like having another teenager in the house at times!

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Wolfiefan Tue 01-Oct-19 07:15:11

Anything that could be scaring him outside? Could be something physical that stops him like pain where the flap touches him.
Good luck at the vets.
If nothing there then back to pup regime of taking him out on a lead every half an hour and after food and drink etc.

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