Dog been bitten by another dog again

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BurnerPhone Mon 30-Sep-19 20:33:25

My poor old 15 year old collie cross got bitten by a huge wolfhound type dog in the park this morning. Totally unprovoked she was just sniffing around the bushes and this dog came up and went for her. It's left two small puncture wounds on her belly near her back legs and she needs an operation tomorrow to clean it and remove a small flap of skin where the dogs teeth have torn her skin. To make matters worse this is the 2nd time she's been attacked by another dog, the first time was nearly 3 years ago and we were walking on the pavement (she was on the lead) and this other dog ran round a corner and clamped it's teeth on her neck and ripped off half her skin, she was so lucky to survive.

I'm so sad for her, she's an elderly old lady with a heart murmur and now she has to go through this again. She absolutely hates the vets and vet said it's unlikely to heal without intervention because of the flap of skin.

Both times the other dog owners have not had their dogs on leads and have just pulled their dogs away and ran off without bothering to see if they had caused any damage.

Not sure why I'm posting but I just wish people would be more sensible and keep their dogs on leads or muzzled if they are aggressive.

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SJane48S Mon 30-Sep-19 21:01:40

I 100% agree. If you know your dog has a problem and has ever hurt another dog, you don’t let it off it’s lead, ever. Huge sympathies for your old lady.

ilikemethewayiam Mon 30-Sep-19 21:18:30

How awful for your poor dog. I had a lovely dog that was attacked a few times by other dogs. It’s so upsetting when it happens. Each time the owners were shocked and said their dogs had never behaved like that before. I suspect my dog gave off some kind of unspoken signal that triggered the attacks but she always came off worse. I hope she’s ok. Give her lots of hugs and treats!

BurnerPhone Mon 30-Sep-19 21:39:58

Thank you, she's sat in her bed feeling very sorry for herself but hopefully by tomorrow she will be patched up. I wonder if she gives off a vibe to other dogs for this to happen but in the 10 years I've had her she's never shown aggression to other dogs and just gives them a sniff and is on her way. Tbh it's just the owners both times don't seem to care that their dog has injured another animal, the man this morning just said oh didn't see you there and then pulled his dog away snarling.

Thank goodness she's insured although I've already paid £55 for todays consultation and pain killers before she even gets it stitched up (£500 for that!)

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missbattenburg Tue 01-Oct-19 08:28:04

Tbh it's just the owners both times don't seem to care that their dog has injured another animal

This for me is the worst bit. Dogs are unpredictable and don't follow human rules or morality. They occasionally do things you don't expect. They do things for the first time. Or do old things in new ways etc.

All dog owning is a balance of risk - as are many things in life.

However, given the bite has happened, only a dick owner does not feel awful and apologetic. After all, no matter whose dog is whose, what kind of 'dog lover' sees another dog hurt and does not feel sorry for it and try to help etc?

Further more, who doesn't give details so your insurance company can reclaim costs off theirs as that's what the public liability but is for?

But they don't.

peoplepleaser1 Sun 06-Oct-19 22:52:55

I'm so so sorry to hear this. I hope your girl is recovering.

I know it's easier said than done but please please people if you possible can please do gather evidence when this happens (photos, witness statements, car registrations etc.) and report to local dog warden / police / council.

In my area the dog warden takes this stuff seriously and does take action, especially where a dog has done this more than once.

If nothing else it shows the owner of the reactive dog that s/he must be more responsible. It's unforgivable not to acknowledge what their dog has done, pay for any damage and take steps to prevent a reoccurrence.

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