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FatChloe Sat 28-Sep-19 20:52:27

Can anyone recommend a harness for a non-pully dog? I've seen lots and lots designed for little dogs and dogs that pull but I want one that's comfy and secure for FatDog that he won't pull himself out of if he's dawdling behind on his extendable lead. Some of the harnesses like the Julius K9 look like he could slide out of backwards if he's wandering being me.

FatDog is getting on a bit. We mooch to the woods with an extendable lead and then he's let off but he wears a collar and I think he should have a harness really!

The Ruffwear ones look good and they might be the answer but thought I'd ask here first.

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Bahhhhhumbug Sat 28-Sep-19 21:03:14

Watching with interest, l have a houdini and she can get out of any harness backwards, gone through loads, one called 'perfect fit' keeps being suggested - an online only company and they make their harnesses in sections that snap together so if you've got a dog with a fat body but a slim neck for example you can get the different sections in different sizes s m l xl. She still could get out of it but l know a lot of people swear by them.

ScrabbleInMyPants Sat 28-Sep-19 21:05:14

I have this one and I find it great. Very comfy and strong

Hodgeheg3 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:25:19

We have a ruff wear harness and it’s great, i’d thoroughly recommend it.

AutumnColours9 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:56:45

Ruffwear webmaster here and it is great.

Whywhywhydeliliah Sat 28-Sep-19 22:00:09

Also a ruffwear here, it's lasting really well through heavy use and wasn't the most expensive.

Kaddm Sat 28-Sep-19 22:01:59

My dog has a ruffwear one (actually two of them)
I have found it really nice and dog seems very comfortable


dudsville Sat 28-Sep-19 22:05:01

All of mine wear ruff wear. They are great, washable... I started using then about 6 or 7 years ago and though some are a little frayed they are still perfect for the purpose.

FortunaMajor Sat 28-Sep-19 22:16:19

I use the Embark Adventure Dog harness, which is more lightweight and a little cheaper than the Ruffwear one, plus has the best front leading attachment on the market. I do think the Ruffwear ones are better overall quality having seen both, but this has served us well so far (about a year of very heavy use, getting wet daily and doing a lot of serious hiking trips).

There's no chance she could escape from it.

Floralnomad Sat 28-Sep-19 22:19:23

I’ve got indi dog Houdini’s , they are excellent .

Coldonthecoast Sat 28-Sep-19 22:21:35

Our trainer recommended a Truelove harness and we’ve had no bother with it.

LaidbackLibra Sat 28-Sep-19 22:55:30

I'm looking forward to kitting my pup out with a Ruffwear webmaster, due to the common issue of sliding out of collars. There's a YouTube video by a gentleman titled One Man and his Whippet and he actually reviewed a few different harnesses so it helps to see pros and cons.

spot102 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:08:24

I used a Hurtta harness that I thought was excellent, comfy and hard-wearing. They do one with 2 tummy straps, which would be more secure, but mine only had the one. Dog lived in it (had mobility problems and used handle to help lift and support her). Would def buy again. Did have a ruffwear 2 strap harness but I didnt like it so much, seemed very stiff and then it started fraying. Also it was a bright colour so showed the dirt easily, which annoyed me, but to be fair that is a different issue and my own silly fault!

FatChloe Sun 29-Sep-19 00:17:31

Thank you all so much - having looked at the Ruffwear harnesses, the true love and the embark adventure harness it seems that's the style FatDog needs then rather than the front straight shoulder strap style. Very much like the look of all the Ruffwear ones but also the true love. Thank you!

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FLOrenze Sun 29-Sep-19 08:32:58

I have a Perfect Fit Harness. You measure your dog at different areas and they recommend the harness size for you

fivedogstofeed Sun 29-Sep-19 08:56:19

I've never yet had a dog escape from a Perfect Fit harness. They also seem really comfortable for the dog.

MrsC89 Sun 29-Sep-19 09:38:45

I would recommend Perfect Fit too! They fit brilliantly, doesn't rub at all even after wearing for long periods and seems escape proof!

SleepySunflower Sun 29-Sep-19 13:45:44

We are on our 4th harness and Perfect Fit has finally stopped us buying others.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 29-Sep-19 17:27:47

Perfect Fit harnesses are excellent, and fit everything you say you want. My only complaint is that they don't dry very fast, but you can't have everything in life!

FatChloe Sun 29-Sep-19 21:18:34

Can I have a link for the perfect fit harness? I was expecting the first search hit to be a website I recognised but I don't, interested to know where others ordered from.

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LittleLongDog Sun 29-Sep-19 21:24:38

Nooo. A dog thread without a photo?

Kaddm Sun 29-Sep-19 21:39:14


Mine does not appear to fit my dog despite getting 2 spare pieces. But people rave about them.

FatChloe Sun 29-Sep-19 21:49:44

LittleLongDog I don't know how and I'm not feeling too much love for him tonight as he rolled in poo on his walk hmm
It was so bad it was in his ears sad
I'm actually really torn now but really appreciate the advice - thank you all. Going to keep looking for a few days and then bite the bullet and choose one. I'm sure any of them are better for him than being just in his collar with his extendable lead.

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StillMedusa Sun 29-Sep-19 22:33:35

Another vote for Perfect fit here.
We had a Julius K9 first, but my puppy managed to get her own jaw caught in the chest strap when she panicked over something...so that went.
Tried a Ruffwear but it didn't fit her quite right...have kept it as a spare as it's lightweight and may be great in a month or so (as she is still growing)

Then went to a local horsey/dog shop where they did Perfect fit, and they measured her and put the pieces together... fits like a dream, she can't get out of it, and it's soft and comfy .

DogInATent Sun 29-Sep-19 22:37:31

Ruffwear Front Rage for ours. If you want to test fit then they're stocked by PAH - not on display and you have to ask. Padded and secure enough to use as a travel harness too.

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