Incontinent it time?

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Mrsmememe Fri 27-Sep-19 17:58:16

This is going to sound awful but I’m wondering whether it’s time to make an awful decision about our beloved dog.
He’s a 10 year old pug and he’s a brilliant dog, always has been. Great with the kids, loving and gentle.
However, he’s losing control of his bowels daily. He just doesn’t realise and so I’m dealing with poo on the carpet every day at least once, sometimes twice a day.
Obviously we’ve been to the vet and they’ve basically said there’s nothing they can do and it’s down to us to decide when we can’t cope anymore.
This is the bit I feel awful for - I’m 7 months the pregnant with our 3rd child and I don’t know how much I’ll be able to take of constantly having to be on edge with the dog poo, on practical side of things getting up in the night and coming downstairs with a crying baby to be greeted by dog poo.
We’ve looked into all sorts of possible treatments which would cost thousands but the vet says they wouldn’t work anyway.
The dog is losing control of his back legs progressively but he still likes going for a walk etc which is why I feel awful for thinking of letting him go.
Has anyone had a similar situation or can offer any advice?

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HappyHammy Fri 27-Sep-19 18:02:28

oh dear, have the vets found a reason why he is losing control of his back legs and bowels. it must be very difficult and if it's a progressive illness that will only get worse I think I would pts however hard that is to do. we love our pets, they are so important in our lives and give us so much comfort and love but we have to think about their happiness too, an incontinent dog isn't a happy dog. elderely and unwell dogs can sometimes get rehomed, you could discuss this with the dogs trust or similar.

randomsabreuse Fri 27-Sep-19 18:06:28

I'd pts. Loss of sensation/ losing use of back legs is miserable for a dog - regardless of poo issues. We pts our lab with spinal arthritis because he couldn't tolerate any effective drugs and would just lie in a soaking wet bed with another clean dry one next too it because he was too sore to get up. He hated wet beds until he got too sore as well!

Mrsmememe Fri 27-Sep-19 19:57:01

I would absolutely never, ever consider rehoming him. It is 100% out of the question.
I guess it’s more me coming to terms with the fact that he’s losing control of his body and I need to maybe just accept it. It’s just so bloody hard.

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maternityleave234 Fri 27-Sep-19 20:02:28

We had to get our dog PTS earlier this year due to incontience issues. His was bladder rather than bowel though. He’d wee every 45 mins or so, water would go straight through him. He’d flood a room with wee when we left him for a few hours for work and i go sick to death of cleaning wee up.
It was kidney failure, it got progressively worse over a 8 month period and he was losing weight. We took him to the vets to ask their opinion and they recommended PTS, we took him home and rebooked for a few days later. It was by far the kindest thing to do, I was also pregnant at the time and my DS was 3 and it was just totally impractical cleaning wee up all the time and also not hugely hygienic.
His quality of life was pretty rubbish toward the end so it was the right choice. We didn’t stay, said goodbye and left him with the vet alive. Too heart breaking too stay with him, we also nearly turned around on the way there but new it was the best decision.

CallMeRachel Fri 27-Sep-19 21:02:23

My first thought is that he's possibly suffering a spinal injury, a scan would help show. Average life span of a Pug is 12-15 years, so 10 is premature to be at end of life.

Personally I'd be doing a lot more investigation to find the cause before getting my dog pts.

If and when you do decide to take that course of action, please do not leave the poor thing at the vets to die without you. Vets hate when owners do this, it's highly selfish and is hugely upsetting for the dog to feel fear and abandonment in its last moments of life.

Screenshot attached of one Vets plea to owners...

Mrsmememe Fri 27-Sep-19 21:15:58

Thank you for your replies. I would never leave him alone in his final moments, I would want to hold him if they’d let me.
Typical tonight he’s been acting like a mad thing, running around with the kids and being silly. I can’t PTS yet.
We are going to try and get him into a specific routine around food and garden visits/walk to see if that at least helps cut down on the regularity of the accidents.

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pumkinspicetime Fri 27-Sep-19 21:18:39

My MIL's dog had this issue for at least a year. In the end the vet had to suggest it had gone on for long enough.
Now she would say that she waited at least 6 months too long but she couldn't face PTS at the time.
A good life and a peaceful death at the right time is ideal. It can be hard working out when the time is right though.

RoLaren Fri 27-Sep-19 21:28:22

Could you try doggie pants on him?

gonewiththerain Fri 27-Sep-19 21:30:19

I had this problem with a terrier, she was ok in every way apart from pooing in the house during the night. Bought a dog crate, a huge one, put her bed in there and a couple of puppy pads next to her bed and she was fine for another year.

Jouska Sat 28-Sep-19 10:55:23

Not all incontinent dogs are unhappy dogs. My old boy does have a spinal issue and has lost some feeling so he is not aware of when he needs to poo and it can take him by surprise.

We manage it by regular eating and walking/mooching time to encourage the movement when he is outside.

He does poo inside but we have an area that he is left in if he is left on his own,which is super comfy and easy for us to clean up in secs and no surprises when you enter the rest of the house.

As he has little awareness of pooing it does not upset him at all - he is still happy tail waggy and enjoys our company and his food!

We are aware that this will not go on for ever and the minute he shows signs of distress things will change but at them moment he is happy and still enjoying lots of things about life.

It is hard to life with and does depend on your house set up etc if you can manage this. Summer has been easier as he has been outside more but by changing things in the house it is doable to keep things hygenic and him happy.

I think you are right to see if you can manage things an make it easier for you - so do let him stay in a room with easy to clean flooring etc, do not worrry if he does poo inside, if you are not worried he will not. be. Have Pet extreme spray to hand to clean up any accidents etc easily.

Good luck with your pregnancy - exciting times ahead smile

Booboostwo Sat 28-Sep-19 11:06:31

You can get dog diapers and wheelchairs for dogs. Some dogs are very happy with these and some are not. It's a tough decision to make.

Almostflownthenest Sun 29-Sep-19 12:31:13

Have your dog seen by an animal osteopath before you take the decision to pts.

Pinkblueberry Sun 29-Sep-19 12:38:30

I think you can get doggie pants/nappies can’t you? Also mats for the floor - he might be able to make it to one of those at least even if he can’t get outside? I understand this must be so difficult and unpleasant to deal with - but if he seems otherwise healthy and is still enjoying life I think it’s important to try as many possible solutions as you can.

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