Greyhound weeing overnight

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DoAsSayNotAsDo Wed 25-Sep-19 00:09:26

So, we've had our 6.5yo BFG (Big Friendly Greyhound) for 18mths, and over that time he's typically had an accident every month/6wks,
However in the last 8wks it's been once or twice a week.

My husband (who isn't a great dog lover) is getting to the end of his tether with this and telling me I need to work our how to train him out of this hmm and there are threats of it being him or the dog. (and never any appreciation of me always cleaning it up no matter which one of us finds it - feel punished myself!).

I've started taking him out about 10pm for an extra walk to make sure he has a wee or three as read that they can be daft enough to go outside and not wee if left to their own devices.

There isn't any consistency between it happening on a day that I work v's day I'm off so am unsure that's a factor.

It does seem to consistently be in the same area at the back of the lounge against a bookcase (luckily(ish) with cleanable toys rather than books on it).

Any advice on training/helping reduce this and maintain my DH's sanity (and thus my own) v welcome

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Savingforarainyday Wed 25-Sep-19 00:19:20

Have you tried changing his food...?
Maybe it's an allergy?

Do wee isn't pleasant, but your dh should clean it too

adaline Wed 25-Sep-19 07:03:47

What are you using to clean up his mess?

DoAsSayNotAsDo Wed 25-Sep-19 07:16:49

Have got some of the Flash Pets .that I'm using at the mo.
Friday (my next day off) I'm going to move the bookcase & go over whole area with biological washing powder solution as think he may feel its "his" area at the moment.
Have some of the RSPCA pet spray too but it seems to smell ++ when I use it (plus the spray bit broke!).
Luckily (ish) we've got wooden floors.

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whiskyremorse Wed 25-Sep-19 07:25:19

Get some of the Simple Solutions cleaners from PETS at Home or online. It is a range of enzyme cleaners which breaks down the urine. Your dog might still be able to smell the urine hence him returning to the same spot.

whiskyremorse Wed 25-Sep-19 07:26:05

Ellapaella Wed 25-Sep-19 07:27:26

Have you had a check at the vets? If he's otherwise pretty good at going outside and it's only happening on occasion I'd get him checked over just to be sure.


CacenCrunch Thu 26-Sep-19 10:37:50

Have you noticed if your dog is drinking more than usual? Or lost any weight? This started happening with my dog who turned out to be diabetic. A trip to the vets may be needed if so

adaline Thu 26-Sep-19 12:59:43

Definitely Simple Solution from the pet shop for accidents - it's the only thing that worked to get rid of the smell/accidents here when our smallest foster kitten was being litter trained.

MymbleClement Thu 26-Sep-19 13:06:00

Vet first. Once you've ruled out a medical problem could you confine him? Mine has a baby gated area in the kitchen (we have a cat so he can't have free range at night anyway). They like to keep their beds clean.

We use Simple Solutions for accidents.

Have you changed his food? We tried switching our grey to a different food a few weeks ago. It made him noticeably more anxious and that was the only time in months that he weed in the house.

DoAsSayNotAsDo Fri 27-Sep-19 20:42:04

Am going to get an MOT for him at the vets, gave the whole corner a clean with bio washing powder solution - even replaced the felt pads as they were a bit smelly (?had continued to attract him).

No recent changes in his diet - he's 6.5yrs so unsure he'd suddenly develop an allergy now hmm

Fingers crossed we work it out soon!

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